Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop, September, 2015

September 1 (Tue) - September 2 (Wed), 2015 (JST)
Tohoku University (Sendai)
Venue: Aoba Science Hall, Science Complex C 2F, Aoba-yama Campus, Tohoku Univ. (Sendai, Japan)
Local information:

Promoted by: Subaru telescope, Subaru Advisory Committee, and Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University

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Purposes and Goals

A kick off meeting to discuss/brainstorm various aspects of short-mid-long term collaborations between Subaru and Keck communities, and to foster our partnership. Subaru & Keck are located atop Mauna Kea, one of the best observing sites in the world. Both facilities have some instruments that are unique and surprisingly complementary. The goal of the workshop is to inform the two communities of these opportunities and to explore the best ways to combine the strengths of these two Observatories and make the combine Observatories a global leader. We will particularly focus on the expansion of the Subaru-Keck time exchange program, joint science projects, and collaborative instrument development. A written report summarizing the meeting (executive summary of 10 pages) and a collection of all the talks. Report to be produced within a week of the conclusion of the meeting under the leadership of co-chairs to be assigned. Report will be circulated to senior members of the Subaru and Keck communities.


Language: English

Day 1: 2015/09/01 (Tue)

Day 2: 2015/09/02 (Wed)

List of Participants

37 people (invitation only) + local Tohoku Univ. postdocs/students

Parallel session

The session is composed of a series of science talks by the members and intensive discussion on collaborative science projects.

Each session is supposed to be organized and led by the respective co-chairs. The program, such as order/duration of science talks and discussion items should be determined and announced to the group members by the co-chairs.

A summary (or entire?) of each presentation should be submitted to the co-chairs by the end of the previous day (31 Aug) so that the co-chairs can lead the discussion effectively in the parallel session.

Each talk should include:

extra-galactic/early universe Kodama, T. (NAOJ, co-chair), Kashikawa, N. (NAOJ), Motohara, K. (Tokyo), Ouchi, M. (Tokyo), Tamura, N. (Kavli-IPMU), Iwata, I. (Subaru), Minowa, Y. (Subaru), Yamada, T. (Tohoku), Akiyama, M. (Tohoku), Nagao, T. (Ehime),
Kriek, M. (UC, co-chair), Urry, M. (Yale), Martin, C. (Caltech), Rhodes, J. (JPL), Cooke, J. (Swinburne)
galactic/stars Aoki, W. (NAOJ, co-chair), Arimoto, N. (Subaru), Kawabata, K. (Hiroshima), Chiba, M. (Tohoku)
Cohen, J. (Caltech, co-chair), Lu, J. (UH), Kalirai, J. (NASA), Kulkarni, S. (Caltech), Kissler-Patig, M. (Gemini)
exoplanets/solar systems Tamura, M. (Tokyo, co-chair), Narita, N. (NAOJ), Yoshida, F. (NAOJ), Takato, N. (Subaru), Ohashi, N. (Subaru)
Mawet, D. (Caltech, co-chair), Kinney, A. (Keck), Max, C. (UC), Beichman, C. (IPAC), Lewis, H. (Keck), Ireland, M. (ANU)
time domain Tanaka, M. (NAOJ, co-chair), Takada, M. (Kavli-IPMU), Kawabata, K. (Hiroshima),
Kulkarni, S. (Caltech, co-chair), Cooke, J. (Swinburne)



Committee, Contact

Organizing Committee

Kodama, T. (Chair), Kashikawa, N., Ichikawa, K., Arimoto, N., Minowa, Y., Akiyama, M., Yamada, T., Chiba, M., and Subaru secretaries.
with significant inputs by Shri Kulkarni and Hilton Lewis


sendai2015 [at]