Dear Participants,

This is the 1st circular of the Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop to be
held for 1-2 Sep in Sendai. Thank you very much for accepting to
participate in the meeting and give contributions. We look forward to
seeing you all.

For those who give science or instrumentation talks, we expect to hear
also your frank visions/opinions to the Subaru-Keck collaborations in
the future, and we will ask you in due course some common items to be
included in your talks, such as possible collaboration thema, the
numebr of nights you request on the partner's telescope, etc.

In the meanwhile, we ask you all to fill the form below and send it
back to us, by 7th June, so that we can make a more detailed program
and also arrange the discussion sessions.

We imagine that some of you would give a business talk rather than a
science or instrumentation talk, and please indicate so in the form if
you prefer such an option.

We would also like to hear what and how you want to discuss in the
discussion sessions.

(Fill this form and send it back to Kodama by 7th June)

Your Name:
Contributed talk?: Yes, No (choose one)
Type of your talk?: Science, Instrumentation, Business (choose one)
Tentative title of your talk:
A brief description of your talk contents:
Scheduling constraints if any:
Comments/suggestions (in particular for the discussion sessions):


Best wishes,
Taddy Kodama
Chair of the organizing committee

                        Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop
                              Sep 1-2, 2015
              Aoba Science Hall, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan

Date: 9.30 Sep 1st - 17.00 Sep 2nd, 2015
Venue: Aoba Science Hall, Science Complex C 2F,
       Aoba-yama Campus, Tohoku Univ. (Sendai, Japan)

A kick off meeting to discuss/brainstorm various aspects of short-mid-long
collaborations between Subaru and Keck communities, and to foster our
We will particularly focus on the expansion of the Subaru-Keck time exchange
program (up to 20 nights per semester), joint science projects, and
instrument development.

Tentative Program:

8/31 (Mon) Arrival at Sendai (both domestic and international participants)
 No reception.

9/01 (Tue)
 09:00-09:30 Registration
 09:30-09:50 Opening address and Subaru perspectives (Arimoto)
 09:50-10:10 Keck Perspectives (Lewis)
 10:10-10:20 LOC announcements (Kodama)
 10:20-11:05 Participants contributed talks (15min x 3)
 11:30-12:30 Participants contributed talks (15min x 4)
 13:30-15:30 Participants contributed talks (15min x 8)
 15:45-16:30 Participants contributed talks (15min x 3)
 16:30-17:30 Business session #1
   Past activities: Kashikawa (10min)
   Discussion items: Arimoto (10min)
 17:30 End of Day-1
   Banquet (19:00-)

9/02 (Wed)
 09:30-09:40 Welcome address by the Dean of School of Science, Tohoku Univ.
 09:40-11:10 Participants contributed talks (15min x 6)
 11:30-13:00 Participants contributed talks (15min x 6)
 14:00-17:00 Business session #2
   Subaru future plans: Arimoto (15min)
   Keck future plans: Lewis (15min)

   Discussion items
    Expansion of Subaru-Keck time exchange program
    Joint science projects
    Flexible scheduling
    Collaborative instrument development (e.g. AO)

 17:00 End

Participants: 34 people (invitation only) + local Tohoku Univ.

(Subaru) 20 people
Arimoto, Nobuo (Subaru)
Ohashi, Nagayoshi (Subaru)  -- no science lecture
Iwata, Ikuru (Subaru) -- no science lecture
Minowa, Yosuke (Subaru) -- no science lecture
Takato, Naruhisa (Subaru) -- no science lecture
Kashikawa, Nobunari (NAOJ)
Aoki, Wako (NAOJ)
Narita, Norio (NAOJ)
Yoshida, Fumi (NAOJ)
Kodama, Tadayuki (NAOJ)
Yamada, Toru (Tohoku)
Chiba, Masashi (Tohoku)
Akiyama, Masayuki (Tohoku)
Tamura, Motohide (Tokyo)
Motohara, Kentaro (Tokyo)
Ouchi, Masami (Tokyo)
Takada, Masahiro (IPMU)
Tamura, Naoyuki (IPMU)
Nagao, Tohru (Ehime)
Kawabata, Koji (Hiroshima)

(Keck) 14 people
Lewis, Hilton (Keck)
Cohen, Judy (Caltech)
Kulkarni, Shri (Caltech)
Martin, Chris (Caltech)
Mawett, Dmitri (Caltech)
Kriek, Mariska (UC)
Illingworth, Garth (UC)
Max, Claire (UC)
Kalirai, Jason (NASA)
Kissler-Patig, Markus (Gemini)
Kewley, Lisa (ANU)
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne)
Lu, Jessica (UH)
Urry, Meg (Yale)
A Chief Scientist (TBD)

Organizers: Kodama, T. (Chair), Kashikawa, N., Ichikawa, K.,
            Arimoto, N., Minowa, Y., Akiyama, M., Yamada, T., Chiba, M.,
            Endo, M., Kimura, H.
            sendai2015 [at] (available after 5/27 HST)