Subject: Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop (Sendai, 1-2 Sep 2015): Final Program
From: Tadayuki Kodama
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 17:56:18 +0900

Dear All,

The workshop is approaching.
Here is attached the fianl program.
Local final announcement will follow shortly (from Akiyama-san).

See you all in Sendai soon, and have a safe trip!

Taddy Kodama
on behalf of the organizers

Subject: Re: Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop (Sendai, 1-2 Sep 2015): Final Program
From: Masayuki Akiyama 
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 18:24:24 +0900

Dear participants of Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop,

The registration of the workshop will start 9:00 Sep.1,
in front of the Aoba-science hall. At the registration,
we would like to collect banquet fee (10,000 JPY).
<< Please prepare JPY beforehand. >>

Prof. Arimoto will be available at the reception of
the Metropolitan hotel around 8:15 on Sep. 1.
If you need guide to our institute, please meet him
at the reception. Taking a taxi is the easiest way to
reach our institute from the hotel.

For foreign visitors, I leave an envelop with some
maps, taxi instruction, and so on, at the reception
of the Metropolitan hotel.
Please receive it when you check-in.

According to the latest weather forecast, the
temperature here will be 26C(high)-20C(low) with
cloudy (possibly rainy) weather during the workshop.

Sorry, but E-mail to our institute will not be
delivered during this weekend due to planned
power outage in our campus (Aug.29,30 in JST).
Please note you cannot access to "venue"
web page. Sorry for your inconvenience.

I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Sincerely yours,

Masayuki Akiyama on behalf of LOC

                       Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop
                              Sep 1-2, 2015
              Aoba Science Hall, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan

Date: 9.00 Sep 1st - 17.00 Sep 2nd, 2015
Venue: Aoba Science Hall, Science Complex C 2F,
       Aoba-yama Campus, Tohoku Univ. (Sendai, Japan)

Purposes and Goals:

A kick off meeting to discuss/brainstorm various aspects of short-mid-long term
collaborations between Subaru and Keck communities, and to foster our partnership.

Subaru & Keck are located atop Mauna Kea, one of the best observing sites in the
world. Both facilities have some instruments that are unique and surprisingly
complementary. The goal of the workshop is to inform the two communities of these
opportunities and to explore the best ways to combine the strengths of these two
Observatories and make the combine Observatories a global leader.

We will particularly focus on the expansion of the Subaru-Keck time exchange
program, joint science projects, and collaborative instrument development.

A written report summarizing the meeting (executive summary of 10 pages)
and a collection of all the talks.
Report to be produced within a week of the conclusion of the meeting under the
leadership of co-chairs to be assigned.
Report will be circulated to senior members of the Subaru and Keck communities.


8/31 (Mon) Arrival at Sendai (both domestic and international participants)
 No reception.

9/01 (Tue)
 09:00-09:30 Registration
 09:30-09:40 LOC announcement (Kodama)
 09:40-10:10 Welcome and Subaru strength now and future (Arimoto)
 10:10-10:40 Keck strength now and future (Lewis and Kulkarni)
             (Chair: Kashikawa)
 11:00-11:15 Gemini in the Subaru/Keck context 2020+ (Kissler-Patig)
 11:15-11:30 ESO over the next 20 years (Kissler-Patig?)
 11:30-11:50 Synergies with JWST (Kalirai)
 11:50-12:10 Synergy with WFIRST (Rhodes)
   Free discussion (Lunch)
 13:30-17:00 Science parallel session
   Extra-galactic/Early Universe
   Time domain
 17:00-17:30 Discussion items (Chair: Minowa)
   Past activities: Kashikawa (10min)
   Discussion items: Arimoto (10min)
 17:30 End of Day-1
   Banquet (19:00-)

9/02 (Wed)
             (Chair: Chiba)
 09:30-09:40 Welcome address (Dean of School of Science, Tohoku Univ.)
 09:40-10:10 Short comments (Chiba, Yamada, and Nagao, who cannot attend the first day)
 10:10-12:00 Instrumentation session (15min each) (Chair: Martin, Akiyama)
     ULTIMATE-Subaru: Iwata, Minowa
     Wide-field AO: Lu
     PFS: Tamura, N.
     Subaru future NIR instruments: Motohara
     Keck high contrast imaging: Mawet
     Subaru AO developments and future TMT instrumentation: Akiyama
   Free discussion (Lunch)
 13:30-14:40 Summary reports of the 4 parallel sessions (15 min each from the co-chairs; Chair: Kodama)
 14:40-17:00 Discussion (Chair: Takada and Kulkarni)
   Subaru future plans (short review): Arimoto (10min)
   Keck future plans (short review): Lewis (10min)
    Promotion of Subaru-Keck science collaborations and joint programs
    Towards TMT collaborations
    Joint instrumentation program including the idea of carry-in of TMT-IRMS to Subaru(+GLAO) before TMT is completed
    Expansion of Subaru-Keck time exchange program (how many nights and from when? launch a joint program scheme?)
    Launch of regular (yearly? bi-yearly?) Subaru-Keck science meeting
    How to promote collaborations? (funding, seminars, people exchange?)

   Final remarks (Lewis, Arimoto)
 17:00 End of the workshop


The session is composed of a series of science talks by the members and intensive
discussion on collaborative science projects.

Each session is supposed to be organized and led by the respective co-chairs.
The program, such as order/duration of science talks and discussion items
should be determined and announced to the group members by the co-chairs.

A summary (or entire?) of each presentation should be submitted to the co-chairs
by the end of the previous day (31 Aug) so that the co-chairs can lead the
discussion effectively in the parallel session.

Each talk should include:
Scientific background
Collaborative science projects (theme, people, size, timeline, etc)
Synergy/competitiveness with/to other projects (ground-based/space) such as
Desired instruments for the future, if any

[extra-galactic/early universe]

Kodama, Tadayuki (NAOJ) - co-chair
Iwata, Ikuru (Subaru) - instrumentation talk
Kashikawa, Nobunari (NAOJ)
Minowa, Yosuke (Subaru) - instrumentation talk
Motohara, Kentaro (Tokyo) - instrumentation talk
Ouchi, Masami (Tokyo)
Tamura, Naoyuki (IPMU) - instrumentation talk
%Akiyama, Masayuki (Tohoku) - not available on the first day
%Nagao, Tohru (Ehime) - not available on the first day
%Yamada, Toru (Tohoku) - not available on the first day

Kriek, Mariska (UC) - co-chair
Urry, Meg (Yale)
Martin, Chris (Caltech)
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne)
Rhodes, Jason (JPL) - WFIRST talk


Aoki, Wako (NAOJ) - co-chair
Arimoto, Nobuo (Subaru)
%Chiba, Masashi (Tohoku) - not available on the first day

Cohen, Judy (Caltech) - co-chair
Kalirai, Jason (NASA)
Kissler-Patig, Markus (Gemini)
Lu, Jessica (UH)

[exoplanets/solar systems]

Tamura, Motohide (Tokyo) - co-chair
Narita, Norio (NAOJ)
Ohashi, Nagayoshi (Subaru) - no science talk
Takato, Naruhisa (Subaru) - no science talk
Yoshida, Fumi (NAOJ)

Mawet, Dmitri (Caltech) - co-chair
Anne Kinney (Keck)
Beichman, Chas (IPAC)
Ireland, Michael (Macquarie)
Lewis, Hilton (Keck) - no science talk
Max, Claire (UC)

[time domain]

Masaomi Tanaka (NAOJ) - co-chair
Kawabata, Koji (Hiroshima)
Takada, Masahiro (IPMU)

Kulkarni, Shri (Caltech) - co-chair
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne)

Participants: 37 invitees + local Tohoku Univ. postdocs/students

(Subaru) 21 people

Akiyama, Masayuki (Tohoku)
Aoki, Wako (NAOJ)
Arimoto, Nobuo (Subaru)
Chiba, Masashi (Tohoku)
Iwata, Ikuru (Subaru)
Kashikawa, Nobunari (NAOJ)
Kawabata, Koji (Hiroshima)
Kodama, Tadayuki (NAOJ)
Minowa, Yosuke (Subaru)
Motohara, Kentaro (Tokyo)
Nagao, Tohru (Ehime)
Narita, Norio (NAOJ)
Ohashi, Nagayoshi (Subaru)
Ouchi, Masami (Tokyo)
Takada, Masahiro (Kavli-IPMU)
Takato, Naruhisa (Subaru)
Tamura, Motohide (Tokyo)
Tamura, Naoyuki (Kavli-IPMU)
Tanaka, Masaomi (NAOJ)
Yamada, Toru (Tohoku)
Yoshida, Fumi (NAOJ)

(Keck) 16 people

Beichman, Chas (IPAC)
Cohen, Judy (Caltech)
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne)
Ireland, Michael (Macquarie)
Kalirai, Jason (NASA)
Kinney, Anne (Keck)
Kissler-Patig, Markus (Gemini)
Kriek, Mariska (UC)
Kulkarni, Shri (Caltech)
Lewis, Hilton (Keck)
Lu, Jessica (UH)
Martin, Chris (Caltech)
Mawet, Dmitri (Caltech)
Max, Claire (UC)
Rhodes, Jason (JPL)
Urry, Meg (Yale)

     Kodama, T. (Chair), Kashikawa, N., Ichikawa, K. (NAOJ),
     Arimoto, N., Minowa, Y. (Subaru),
     Akiyama, M., Chiba, M., Yamada, T. (Tohoku Univ.),
     and Subaru secretaries
     sendai2015 [at]
     with significant inputs by Shri Kulkarni and Hilton Lewis