Dear Participants,

I am sending herewith the 2nd circular of the Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop to be held
in Sendai Japan on 1-2 Sep.

As you notice, there are many TBDs indicated with ? marks.
But you can get an idea how the meeting will go.

Hotel and banquet information will be sent later from "Local" LOC.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Sendai!

Best wishes,
Taddy Kodama
on behalf of the organizing committee

                        Subaru-Keck Synergy Workshop
                              Sep 1-2, 2015
              Aoba Science Hall, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan

Date: 9.00 Sep 1st - 17.00 Sep 2nd, 2015
Venue: Aoba Science Hall, Science Complex C 2F,
       Aoba-yama Campus, Tohoku Univ. (Sendai, Japan)

Purposes and Goals:

A kick off meeting to discuss/brainstorm various aspects of short-mid-long term
collaborations between Subaru and Keck communities, and to foster our partnership.

Subaru & Keck are located atop Mauna Kea, one of the best observing sites in the
world. Both facilities have some instruments that are unique and surprisingly
complementary. The goal of the workshop is to inform the two communities of these
opportunities and to explore the best ways to combine the strengths of these two
Observatories and make the combine Observatories a global leader.

We will particularly focus on the expansion of the Subaru-Keck time exchange
program, joint science projects, and collaborative instrument development.

A written report summarizing the meeting (executive summary of 10 pages)
and a collection of all the talks.
Report to be produced within a week of the conclusion of the meeting under the
leadership of co-chairs to be assigned.
Report will be circulated to senior members of the Subaru and Keck communities.

Tentative Program:

8/31 (Mon) Arrival at Sendai (both domestic and international participants)
 No reception.

9/01 (Tue)
 09:00-09:30 Registration
 09:30-09:40 LOC announcement (Kodama)
 09:40-10:10 Welcome and Subaru strength now and future (Arimoto)
 10:10-10:40 Keck strength now and future (Lewis and/or Kulkarni)
 11:00-11:15 Gemini in the Subaru/Keck context 2020+ (Kissler-Patig)
 11:15-11:30 ESO strength now and future (?)
 11:30-11:50 Synergies with the JWST and WFIRST Flagship Missions (Kalirai)
 11:50-12:10 Synergy with LSST (Takada)
 13:30-17:00 Science parallel session
   Extra-galactic/Early Universe
   Time domain
 17:00-17:30 Discussion items
   Past activities: Kashikawa (10min)
   Discussion items: Arimoto (10min)
 17:30 End of Day-1
   Banquet (19:00-)

9/02 (Wed)
 09:30-09:40 Welcome address by the Dean of School of Science, Tohoku Univ.
 09:40-10:30 Short comments by Chiba, Yamada, Akiyama, and Nagao (who cannot attend the first day)
 10:30-12:00 Instrumentation session (15min each)
     ULTIMATE-Subaru: Iwata/Minowa
     Wide-field AO: Lu
     PFS: Takada/Takato
     Subaru future NIR instruments: Motohara
     Keck high contrast imaging: Mawet
     TMT-AGE: Akiyama
 13:30-14:30 Summary reports of the 4 parallel sessions (15 min each from the chairs)
 15:00-17:00 Discussion (Chairman: Takada, Kulkarni ?)
   Subaru future plans (short review): Arimoto (10min)
   Keck future plans (short review): Lewis (10min)
    Expansion of Subaru-Keck time exchange program?
    Joint instrumentation program?
    Towards TMT collaborations?
    Launch regular (yearly?) Subaru-Keck science meeting?
    How to promote collaboration? (funding, seminars, people exchange?)
 17:00 End of the workshop


Will be organized by the chairmen

Each talk should include:
Collaborative science projects
Synergy with other projects (ground-based/space) such as TMT, LSST, JWST, and WFIRST
Desired instruments for the future

[extra-galactic/early universe]

Kodama, Tadayuki (NAOJ) - co-chair?
Kashikawa, Nobunari (NAOJ)
Motohara, Kentaro (Tokyo)
Ouchi, Masami (Tokyo)
Takada, Masahiro (IPMU)
Tamura, Naoyuki (IPMU)
Iwata, Ikuru (Subaru)
Minowa, Yosuke (Subaru)
%Yamada, Toru (Tohoku)
%Akiyama, Masayuki (Tohoku)
%Nagao, Tohru (Ehime)

Kriek, Mariska (UC) - co-chair?
Illingworth, Garth (UC)
Kewley, Lisa (ANU)
Urry, Meg (Yale)


Aoki, Wako (NAOJ) - co-chair?
Arimoto, Nobuo (Subaru)
Ohashi, Nagayoshi (Subaru)
Kawabata, Koji (Hiroshima)
%Chiba, Masashi (Tohoku)

Cohen, Judy (Caltech) - co-chair?
Kalirai, Jason (NASA)
Kulkarni, Shri (Caltech)
Martin, Chris (Caltech)
Kissler-Patig, Markus (Gemini)
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne) ?

[exoplanets/solar systems]

Tamura, Motohide (Tokyo) - co-chair?
Narita, Norio (NAOJ)
Takato, Naruhisa (Subaru)
Yoshida, Fumi (NAOJ)

Mawett, Dmitri (Caltech) - co-chair?
Lu, Jessica (UH)
Anne Kinney (Keck)
Max, Claire (UC)
Lewis, Hilton (Keck) ?

[time domain]

Kulkarni, Shri (Caltech) - chair?
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne)
Kawabata, Koji (Hiroshima)
Masaomi Tanaka (NAOJ)

Participants: 36 invitees + local Tohoku Univ. postdocs/students

(Subaru) 21 people

Iwata, Ikuru (Subaru)  extra-galactic, instruments, GLAO
Minowa, Yosuke (Subaru) extra-galactic, instruments, GLAO
Kashikawa, Nobunari (NAOJ)  extra-galactic
Kodama, Tadayuki (NAOJ)  extra-galactic, GLAO
Yamada, Toru (Tohoku)  extra-galactic, space
Akiyama, Masayuki (Tohoku) extra-galactic, instruments, AO
Motohara, Kentaro (Tokyo) extra-galactic, instruments, GLAO
Ouchi, Masami (Tokyo)  extra-galactic
Takada, Masahiro (IPMU)  extra-galactic, PFS/HSC
Nagao, Tohru (Ehime)  extra-galactic
Tamura, Naoyuki (IPMU)  extra-galactic, instruments, PFS
Arimoto, Nobuo (Subaru)  galactic/stars
Ohashi, Nagayoshi (Subaru)  galactic
Aoki, Wako (NAOJ) galactic/stars
Chiba, Masashi (Tohoku)  galactic/stars
Kawabata, Koji (Hiroshima)  galactic/stars, time domain
Tamura, Motohide (Tokyo)  exoplanets, space
Narita, Norio (NAOJ) exoplanets
Takato, Naruhisa (Subaru)  solar systems, instruments, PFS
Yoshida, Fumi (NAOJ) solar systems
Masaomi Tanaka (NAOJ) time domain

(Keck) 15 people

Illingworth, Garth (UC)  extra-galactic
Kriek, Mariska (UC)  extra-galactic
Kewley, Lisa (ANU)  extra-galactic, galactic
Urry, Meg (Yale)   AGN, time domain
Cohen, Judy (Caltech)  galactic/stars, time domain
Kalirai, Jason (NASA)  galactic/stars, JWST
Martin, Chris (Caltech)  IGM, instruments, space
Mawett, Dmitri (Caltech)  exoplanets, AO
Lu, Jessica (UH)  exoplanets, brown dwarfs, AO
Anne Kinney (Keck)  solar systems, stars, instruments
Max, Claire (UC)  solar system, AO
Kulkarni, Shri (Caltech)  time domain, instrumets, GLAO
Cooke, Jeff (Swinburne)  time domain, wide-field imaging
Lewis, Hilton (Keck)  instruments
Kissler-Patig, Markus (Gemini)  instruments, ESO, Gemini

Organizers: Kodama, T. (Chair), Kashikawa, N., Ichikawa, K.,
            Arimoto, N., Minowa, Y., Akiyama, M., Yamada, T., Chiba, M.,
            Endo, M., Kimura, H.
            sendai2015 [at]