ULTIMATE-Subaru (Ultra-wide Laser Tomographic Imager and MOS with AO for Transcendent Exploration) is a next-generation AO development project of the Subaru Telescope. Our plan is to have GLAO (ground-layer adaptive optics) system on Subaru, which can provide a significant seeing improvement (0.2-arcsec in K-band) over a wide field of view (15').

To enhance the GLAO capability, we also plan to build new wide-field NIR instrument(s) with international collaboration. Following Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) and Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS), both of which will be operated in "dark" nights of Subaru, the new IR instrument is expected to play a key role as a facility instrument (mainly for "bright" nights) of Subaru in 2020s. We currently have three possible plans for ULTIMATE instruments: wide-field imager, multi-object slit (MOS) spectrograph, and multi-object IFU instrument.

Since the launch of ULTIMATE-Subaru working group in 2011, we have been discussing science/technical cases for Subaru GLAO+NIR instruments. In January 2016, we completed the Study Report which summarizes our activity, science cases, technical studies performed so far, and we had an external review in February 2016. The Study Report is available on our website:


The motivation of this workshop is to bring up your great ideas on key science cases for ULTIMATE-Subaru from a wide variety of science fields, and to establish strong science team of ULTIMATE-Subaru. We hope all Japanese astronomers / Subaru community to join the workshop to share the current status of ULTIMATE-Subaru project, and to exchange ideas of strong science cases (and synergy with other facilities) to be made with Subaru in 2020s.

Rationale (in Japanes)

国立天文台ハワイ観測所では、すばる望遠鏡の次世代補償光学系の開発検討(ULTIMATE-Subaru計画: Ultra-wide Laser Tomographic Imager and MOS with AO for Transcendent Exploration)を進めています。これはHyper Suprime-Cam (HSC)、Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS)に続き、2020年代に向けて広視野サーベイに重点を置いて世界第一線を走り続けるすばる望遠鏡の、主に明夜を担う基幹装置となることが期待されます。


2010年代も後半に入り、ワーキンググループではこれまでの科学検討、技術検討をさらに具体的なものへと進める必要があると考えており、2016年1月にはこれまでの活動の経緯やサイエンスケース、技術検討、国際協力の検討などをまとめた報告書(Study Report)を作成して以下のサイトで公開しています。またこの報告書をもとに2016年2月には外部有識者によるレビューを行ったところです。