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Semester Schedule

A semester B semester
Opening of Call for Proposals early/mid August early/mid February
Normal/Intensive Program Deadline early/mid September early/mid March
Service/Filler Program Deadline early/mid October early/mid April
Refereeing October April
Time Allocation Committee (TAC) Meeting late October/early November late April/early May
Scheduling November May
Notification of the Selection Result early December early June
Start of the Semester February 1 August 1

Instruments/Devices & Conatact Address

Facility Instruments

Visiting Instruments/Devices

  • CHARIS: Drs. Kasdin, T. D. Groff, Juline Lozi, and Olivier Guyon:
  • Fast PDI: Drs. Julien Lozi, Tomoyuki Kudo, and Olivier. Guyon:
  • IRD: Dr. Takayuki Kotani and Dr. Motohide Tamura:
  • MEC: Drs. Ben Mazin and Olivier Guyon:
  • REACH (IRD+SCExAO): Drs. Takayuki Kotani, Motohide Tamura, Hajime Kawahara, Julien Lozi, and Olivier Guyon:,
  • SCExAO: Dr. Olivier Guyon:
  • SWIMS: Dr. Kentaro Motohara:
  • VAMPIRES: Drs. Peter Tuthill, Barnaby Norris, and Olivier Guyon:
  • NsIR Wave Plate Unit: Dr. Motohide Tamura:
    [note]Proposals to use visiting instruments/devices must include the instrument PIs as Co-investigators.

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