Subaru Strategic Programs

What is Subaru Strategic Program?

Subaru Strategic Program (SSP) is an exceptionally large project, which was initiated in 2007 with an intention of producing unprecedentedly outstanding scientific outcome by using unique/expedient observing instruments and by making use of the capability of the Subaru Telescope as much as possible, so that the decisive leadership position can be established in the relevant field of astronomy. This program aims at systematic observations collecting a large and controlled volume of scientific data, based on a large amount of allocated nights over a time span of several years (e.g., up to 200-300 nights over 3-5 years). Because of its extraordinary character, the Strategic Observing Program proposal should be sufficiently outstanding and unprecedentedly creative, so that either of the following two novel features may apply.

A. Heritage/Treasury Database

Subaru Telescope time is intensively or continually devoted to strategic survey observations with an intention of systematically collecting a large amount of data to achieve an epoch making science end. That is, the acquired data remain as invaluable treasure to be widely used by researchers far in the future.

B. Decisive Scientific Impact

Systematic observations are intensively or continually conducted with a solid and persevering intention of accomplishing the definite and challenging aim toward clarifying yet unsettled astronomical problems of enormous scientific importance. As a result, the outcome of the project is expected to be so significant as to have a great impact on our knowledge about the Universe.

At present, only Japanese astronomers (i.e., those of Japanese nationality or those belonging to Japanese institution) can apply for SSP. SSP is executed in close collaboration between the team and the Observatory, and its performance and progress status is constantly assesed by the Subaru Advisory Committee (SAC).

The call for proposals will be issued by Subaru Telescope, and the selection process will be determined by the SAC. As a reference, call for the SSP program with HSC issued in 2012 is linked below:


1. "SEEDS" (S09B-S14B)

2. "Fastsound" (S11B-S14A)

3. "HSC SSP" (S14A-)

4. "IRD SSP" (S19A-)

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