Subaru Telescope 2.0- A New Era of the Subaru Telescope -

The enhanced capabilities of the Subaru Telescope
provide wider, deeper and more detailed views of the Universe.

The Universe is full of wonders. Since its first light in January 1999, the Subaru Telescope has offered groundbreaking achievements found through a diversity of instruments, including the discovery of distant galaxies and direct imaging of exoplanets. Yet, there are many more unknowns and celestial objects to be found in this vast Universe. How did our Universe begin and evolve and how will it go on? Launching the Subaru Telescope 2.0 project will help us address fundamental questions with stronger capabilities through additional instrumentation.

* The Subaru Telescope 2.0 project, which started in FY2022, aims to open new pathways to astronomical research by significantly enhancing the telescope’s capabilities. Supported by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), this project advances international collaboration through the large optical-infrared telescope to expand scientific frontiers.

What is Subaru Telescope 2.0?

The Subaru Telescope never ceases to evolve.