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Subaru Telescope continuously monitors our facilities, our equipment, our work procedures and our management procedures so that all visitors as well as our staff members can accomplish work, study and observation safely. Also Subaru Telescope makes an effort to eliminate any hazard immediately after it is found. On the other hand, the cause of an accident may be attributed to a worker. Therefore, Subaru Telescope always reviews our safety manual and keeps it updated to make it more effective. In our safety manual, the requirements and the qualifications to those who perform certain types of work are clearly specified. In addition, all materials and equipment brought into the Subaru Telescope must be verified as safe by Subaru Telescope. The observation instrument, particularly, needs careful attention because it is generally large, and includes components that are hazardous such as moving parts, cryogenic parts and electric circuits. Please take a look at chapters of your concern, and start preparation for your project or plan to meet Subaru Telescope's safety standard before your visit to our observatory or even before your starting a project.


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Created on November 26, 2014
Updated on June 23, 2023