For Business Users

Upon your arrival at Subaru Telescope

Please check-in at the Operation Center upon your arrival.

During your stay at Subaru Telescope

1. Hilo base facility
Hilo facility building is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Building remains closed during weekends and holidays.
2. Visitor Room
Visitor room (Room 204) is available during your stay.
3. Network
Network cables are available in the visitor room. Please contact our system administrator if you plan to connect your computer to our network.
4. Safety
Please comply with our safety procedure during your stay at Subaru Telescope.
5. Transportation between Hilo and Summit
Please consult with our staff regarding your transportation to the summit facility.
6. Working at the summit facility
Acclimatization at HP is required before working at the summit. Please follow below guideline before going up to the summit.
  • Before staying at the summit in 8 hours or less, at least 0.5 hour of acclimatization is recommended.
  • Before staying at the summit in between 8 hours and 14 hours, at least 8 hour of acclimatization is recommended.
Please follow instructions given by staff members while working at the summit facility. Summit site managers are Day Crew Shift Leader (Daytime) and Telescope Operator (Night time).
7. Hale Pohaku accommodation
Please specify your accommodation schedule on your visitor form. Operation Center will make your Hale Pohaku reservation.
If you need to change your reservation, please contact Operation Center.
8. Others
Please contact Operation Center for any other inquiries.
TEL: +1-808-934-5000 (Wakako Nakano)