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Date: January 15-16, 2018
Venue: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan [NAOJ website]
Mitaka Campus, Main Building (C3), 1F, Lecture Room. [Access Info] [Campus Map]


For participants from outside NAOJ - an access badge is required to enter the buildings in Mitaka Campus for security reasons. You need to show your ID at the entrance gate to get the badge. Also, you need to submit a signed application form at the gate. The form will be provided separately by e-mail. Please bring your valid ID with you. (You can also get the form at the gate - but it should be easier to prepare the form in advance).


For those who requested travel support from us, please ask your hotel to issue the receipt as early as possible (not at the check-out time) and submit the receipt to us *before* you leave Mitaka. Please contact us if the hotel hesitates to do this.

Purpose of the Meeting

ULTIMATE-Subaru is the project to develop next-generation facility adaptive optics system and instruments utilizing its capabilities of the Subaru Telescope. Following the wide-field strategy of Subaru in optical (HSC/PFS), ULTIMATE-Subaru will exploit Ground Layer AO (GLAO) system to offer wide-field (15'x15') capability (imaging/MOS spectroscopy/multi-IFS) in NIR. The project is led by Subaru, collaborating with Tohoku University and Univ. of Tokyo. ULTIMATE-Subaru is also expected to become a "core platform" of international collaboration in science and instrumentation at the Subaru Telescope in 2020s. The goal of this meeting is to share the current status and timeline of ULTIMATE-Subaru project between the core institutes (ANU/AAO/NRC/ASIAA), and to establish an (pre-)official partnership by determining the area of contribution from each partner institute (including the discussion on how to get relevant budget in each country). We will invite the representatives from each possible partner country/institute and have detailed discussion on the possible collaboration between the partners. We note that we plan to have Conceptual Design Review (CoDR) for GLAO part in mid-2018 with a contribution from ANU. In the meeting, we will share the action items of each partner toward the CoDR and beyond.

Program (final version)

Jan 15th (Day1): Technical & Management Session

10:30-10:40 Opening announcement (Yusei Koyama) [PDF]
[Chair, Ono]
10:40-10:55 Opening remark (Michitoshi Yoshida)
10:55-11:25 ULTIMATE project overview (Yosuke Minowa) [PDF]
11:25-11:45 ULTIMATE-START (Masayuki Akiyama) [PDF]
11:45-12:05 ULTIMATE AO simulation (Visa Korkiakoski) [PDF]
12:05-12:25 ULTIMATE instrument plan (Takashi Hattori) [PDF]

12:25-14:00 Lunch Meeting (Bento)

[Chair, Ohashi]
14:00-14:20 Collaboration framework (Ikuru Iwata) [PDF]
14:20-14:40 AAO (Simon Ellis) [PDF]
14:40-15:00 ANU (Blair Conn) [PDF]
15:00-15:15 ASIAA (Shiang-Yu Wang) [PDF]
15:15-15:30 ASIAA (Yen-Ting Lin) [PDF]
15:30-15:50 NRC (Luc Simard) [PDF]

15:50-16:15 Break

16:15-17:15 Discussion (I) - project management (Minowa) [PDF]@

(19:00- Banquet @ En in Kichijo-ji) [Access to the Restaurant]

Jan 16 (Day2): Science Session

10:00-10:20 Science team status (Yusei Koyama) [PDF]
10:20-10:40 High-z imaging (Tadayuki Kodama) [PDF]
10:40-11:00 High-z MOS (Ken-ichi Tadaki) [PDF]
11:00-11:20 IFU science (Chris Lidman) [PDF]
11:20-11:40 Nearby galaxies (Kentaro Motohara) [PDF]
11:40-12:00 Galactic science (Yusei Koyama) [PDF]

12:00-14:00 Lunch (@ Pappa Pasta)

14:00-15:00 Discussion (II) - Science (Koyama) [PDF]
15:00-15:15 Break
15:15-15:50 Summary - A/I toward CoDR2018 (Minowa, Koyama) [PDF]
15:50-16:00 Closing remarks (Yoshida)


Those who requested travel support from us will be contacted by Minowa/Koyama and Subaru secretaries. Please let us know immediately if you requested travel support, but haven't heard anything from us.