Survey Plan

Subaru Advisor Commmittee approved our 300 nights proposal over 5 years.


We now have more than 200 CoI.


We will also plan to obtain broad-band images in grizy 5 band on the All-wavelength Extended Groth Strip (AEGIS) field (RA = 14h17m, Dec = +52°30′ to calibrate photometric redshift. It would be single poiting and 1 hour exposure on each band.


Expected limiting magnitude is shown above.

Public Data Release

The HSC-SSP data will be open to the public every two years after the first release. The second public data release (PDR2) of HSC-SSP occurred in May 2019. The release includes over 300 square degrees of deep multi-color data served through dedicated databases and user interfaces. The third PDR (PDR3) is planned in August 2021. The final data release is going to be PDR4.

 Current schedule (as of July 2021)
 Public Data Release 1  Released in February 2017
 Public Data Release 2  Released in May 2019
 Public Data Release 3  Planned in August 2021
 Public Data Release 4 (final release)  TBD