Camera System


Hyper Suprime-Cam has three major components:

  • Camera
  • Wide Field Corrector (WFC)
  • Prime Focus Unit (PFU)

  • The camera part consists of arrays of CCD light sensors, cryogenic vacuum dewar that cools CCDs, CCD readout electronics, filters, shutter and filter exchanger unit. These are shown in greenish color on the left panel.

    WFC is a big lens that corrects image smear (aberrations) occurred on the primary mirror located 16 m below the camera. This is crucial to obtain sharp image over the wide field of view. Seven Lenses (watery color) are assembled together by the ceramic lens barrel (brown).

    PFU is a chassis that holds Camera and WFC. The PFU is mounted on the inner hub of the top ring of the telescope. Precision attitude control system (hexapod actuators) is installed on this unit.

    Cross sectional view above shows colored components for explanations but the actual HSC apperaance is black. When HSC is mounted on the telescope, it looks like this.(CG data of Subaru Telescope is provided by Hironori Nakayama/NAOJ)


    The part at the bottom with a circular aperture is a shutter and the cryogenic dewar (with many connectors on the wall) is located above the shutter. Misc. electronics including CCD readout electronics, cooler controllers, power suppliers are protected by the black cylindrical cover above the dewar.

    The CCD is newly developed in col lobo ration with NAOJ and Hamamatsu Photonics. It features high quantum efficiency over the wide wavelength range. The focal plane (60 cm in diameter) is paved with 116 CCDs

    Wide Field Corrector Lens

    The diameter of the first lens is 82 cm, the length of the lens barrel is 165 cm and it weights 890 kg in total. The glass selection is the combination of quartz (US Corning) and two kinds of optical glass (JP Ohara). The point spread function delivered by this lens is smaller than 0.2 arc-sec (FWHM) in worst case which is the wold sharpest lens among this class of the corrector lens for astronomy.

    Prime Focus Unit

    The left panel shows the PFU with the filter exchanger unit attached. The attitude control of the PFU is realized by the specially designed Mitsubishi actuators (two are shown among six) that can controlled with the precision of 1 - 2 micron under the load of a couple of tons.

    Data Analysis System

    HSC has 870 million pixels in total and this size of the image is taken every a few minutes once the observing starts. In order to withdraw the meaningful astronomical information we need the high performance data reduction pipe line and the system is being developed to be ready for the first light in 2012.


    This group picture is taken at the open campus of NAOJ on October 2010.

    Name Major Role
    Satoshi Miyazaki CCD
    Yutaka Komiyama Cryogenic Dewar
    Hidehiko Nakaya Electronics
    Yukiko Kamata CCD
    Yoshi Doi Conceptual study in mechanics (advisor)
    Takashi Hamana Data analysis
    Hiroshi Karoji Filter (moved to U-Tokyo)
    Hisanori Furusawa Data analysis
    Satoshi Kawanomoto System design, Filter
    Tomoki Morokuma SH sensor, Auto guider (moved to U-Tokyo)
    Yuki Ishizuka Secretary (Moved to U-Tokyo)
    Kyoji Nariai Optics design, evaluation
    Yoko Tanaka Optics design, evaluation
    Fumihiro Uraguchi Filter exchanger unit shutter, telescope modification
    Yosuke Utsumi Camera control system
    Yoshiyuki Obuchi Cryogenic dewar
    Yuki Okura Data analysis
    Masamune Oguri Data analysis (moved to U-TOKYO)
    Tadafumi Takata Data analysis
    Daigo Tomono Telescope modification
    Tomio Kurakami Telescope modification
    Kazuto Namikawa Telescope modification
    Tomonori Usuda Telescope modification
    Hitomi Yamanoi Data analysis
    Tsuyoshi Terai Simulation
    Hatsue Uekiyo Secretary
    Yoshihiko Yamada Data analysis Data base
    Michitaro Koike Data Analysis
    Hiro Aihara (U-Tokyo) Electronics, Data analysis
    Yuki Fujimori (U-Tokyo) Electronics
    Sogo Mineo (U-Tokyo) Electronics, Data analysis
    Hironao Miyatake (U-Tokyo) Electronics
    Naoki Yasuda (U-Tokyo) Data Analysis
    Jun Nishizawa (U-Tokyo) Data analysis
    Tomoki Saito (U-Tokyo) Data analysis
    Manobu Tanaka (KEK) Data analysis, Electronics
    Tomohisa Uchida (KEK) Electronics
    Nobu Katayama (KEK) Data analysis (Moved to U-TOKYO)
    Shiang-Yu Wang(ASIAA) Filter exchanger unit, WFC methodology system
    Hsin-Yo Chen(ASIAA) Filter exchanger unit
    Robert Lupton (Princeton) Data analysis
    Craig Loomis (Princeton) Data analysis
    Steve Bickerton (Princeton) Data analysis
    Paul Price (Princeton) Data analysis
    Jim Gunn (Princeton) advisor in all fields