Observing with Subaru Telescope

Basic information about the performance and technical specifications of the Subaru Telescope is available.

Here are links to the Subaru instruments. If you want information about a specific instrument, go to that instrument's home page. Read the Current instrument status report first.

  • AO188 - Subaru 188-elements Adaptive Optics system
  • COMICS - Cooled Mid-Infrared Camera and Spectrograph
  • FOCAS - Faint Object Camera And Spectrograph
  • HDS - High Dispersion Spectrograph
  • HSC - Hyper Suprime-Cam
  • IRCS - Infrared Camera and Spectrograph
  • MOIRCS - Multi-Object Infrared Camera and Spectrograph.

    Visiting instruments

    • CHARIS - Coronagraphic High Angular Resolution Imaging Spectrograph
    • HiCIAO - High Contrast Instrument for the Subaru Next Generation Adaptive Optics (Note: HiCIAO+AO188 mode is no longer available since S16B. HiCIAO will be used as a camera combined with SCExAO only.)
    • SCExAO - Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics

    Decommissioned instruments

    • AO36 - Subaru 36-elements Adaptive Optics system
    • CIAO - Coronagraphic Imager for Adaptive Optics
    • CISCO/OHS - OH Suppressor/Cooled Infrared Spectrograph and Camera for OHS.
    • FMOS - Fiber Multi Object Spectrograph
    • Kyoto3DII - Kyoto tridimensional spectrograph II (opened until S17A)
    • RAVEN - Multi-Object Adaptive Optics(MOAO) demonstrator
    • Suprime-Cam - Subaru Prime Focus Camera (opened until S17A)

The Proposals section contains the following information:

Here is the current Subaru Telescope schedule.

Observing conditions

Astronomical Resources

Data Reduction

These pages are being continuously updated as the performance of telescope and instruments are better understood. Questions regarding these web pages or general inquiries about using Subaru Telescope should be directed to Dr. Tae-Soo Pyo ().

01 February, 2017

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