HSC overhead and required time calculator

This website is to calculate the basic overhead time, mainly for HSC queue observations. This calculator includes the overhead time caused by;

  • CCD readout
  • Focusing
  • Telescope slewing
  • Filter exchange
  • Obtaining calibration frame

Please see "Overhead time of HSC Queue-mode observation" for calculation details.

Note: This calculator can also be used for planning HSC classical observations. But please understand that the total overhead time depends on your observation plan (e.g., number of filters).

Observation configurations

Enter both the exposure time and the number of shots, and then click "Calculate".

  • Exposure time has to be an integer or decimal (≥ 2 sec).
  • Number of shots has to be an integer (≥ 1).
  • Leave the input field blank if not needed for calculations.

Exp time per frame Number of shots
set 1 sec
set 2 sec
set 3 sec
set 4 sec
set 5 sec

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