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Papers published using Subaru data

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The above lists are those of published papers in which data obtained by the Subaru Telescope are used (whichever mainly or partly). Please note, however, that these lists are not meant to be complete.

Here is the Subaru Telescope Preprint and Reprint Series.

Things to include in your publications

We hope that the data you obtain with Subaru Telescope will achieve its intended science goals. All papers which make use of data taken with Subaru Telescope facilities should include the following acknowledgment on the title page as a footnote to the title.

This research is based [in part] on data collected at the Subaru Telescope, which is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. We are honored and grateful for the opportunity of observing the Universe from Maunakea, which has the cultural, historical, and natural significance in Hawaii.

When such a Subaru-related paper has been published, we would appreciate it if you could inform us of its information (preferably with ADS Bibliographic Code Query) by mailing to observers-infodesk -at-

In addition, here is a list of instrument citations which should be used when referring to any of the Subaru instruments.

We also encourage you to consider allowing NAOJ to undertake a public release of your data.

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