IRCS instrument parameters 

(1) For full array size (1K x 1K)
* Readout noise for frame = [Readout noise per NDR] / sqrt(NDR)
Camera Spectrograph
Detector ALADDIN III 10242 InSb array ALADDIN III 10242 InSb array
Pixel size 27 um
ResolutionFine (12 mas)High (20 mas)Low (52 mas)(slit-length direction) x (slit-width direction)
Pixel scale w/o AO N/A20.42+/-0.07 mas52.42+/-0.07 mas 54.57 mas  x  67.75 mas 
w/   AO11.94+/-0.01 mas20.57+/-0.04 mas52.77+/-0.04 mas54.93 mas  x  68.20 mas
Field of vieww/o AO N/A20.91"2 53.68"2 3.5-9.4'' in slit-length
w/   AO12.22" 221.06"254.04"2
Gain 5.6 e-/ADU 3.8 e-/ADU
Dark current 0.1 e-/s 0.05 e-/s
Read noise per NDR 43 e- rms 68 e- rms
Saturation level 123 000 e- 129 000 e-
Readout rate(1) 0.41 s (standard)
0.12 s (fast)
[note: If you need old parameters before July 2005 when IRCS was mounted on Cassegrain focus, please see old parameter page.
[note: Due to the installation of the fiber injection module for IRD, 12 mas pixel-scale mode has been suspended. ] 

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