HDS obs. preparation

Please send the following information to Support Astronomer at least two weeks before your obs.

Subaru HDS OPE file Editor (hoe) is now available to download for UNIX, Windows, and mac OS. You can use it for your obs. preparation by yourself.

How to choose pre-slit units :

  • ADC is recommended for most of cases to compensate atmospheric dispersion.
  • ADC cannot transmit photons at λ < 3600 Å. So, if you observe UV region at λ < 3600 Å, you must use Blue ImR to set slit PAs to parallactic angles.
  • The switch wavelength between Blue and Red ImR (=Image Rotator) is about 4400Å.

Target list
  "Object Name", "RA", "DEC" and "Epoch" of your targets. 
  (RA & DEC are recognized as real arguments.)
  Please add any useful information for your observation after epoch
  of each targets (Visual magnitudes, expected exposure times,
  obsering Position Angles etc.)

   Object Name,        RA,       DEC, EQUINOX,   [Any Comments as you like]
               (hhmmss)    (ddmmss)
ex.   HD123456, 112233.44, +012345.6,  2000.0,   mv=10.0, exp=1500s x3, PA=0,90

[Targets in your proposal]

[Targets not included in your proposal](optional)

=========Pre Slit=====================================================
Is ADC required?      [yes/no]         

Image Rotator mode?   [Blue/Red/no]    

========HDS Setup=====================================================
Wavelength Setup?  
   (StdUa/StdUb/StdBc ...etc.) 
   If you want to use non-standard setup, describe center wavelength.
   Note that it takes 10-15minutes to change the wavelength setting.
   You should check the position of your lines and bad column with
   your required setting, using HDS Echelle Format Simulator on Subaru
   web site ( http://www.naoj.org/cgi-bin/hds_efs.cgi ).


Slit Unit  [Normal Slit/IS#1/IS#2]
   ImageSlicer #1 : 0".3x5 R=110,000
   ImageSlicer #2 : 0".45x3 R=80,000


(Only for normal slit)
Wavelength Resolution (slit width in arcsec). [0".2 --]
     R=180,000/(slit width["] *5)

(Only for normal slit)
Required Slit length (in arcsec: if necessary)
   Basically slit length is limited by wavelength settig

CCD binning (spatial x dispersion).


Other Special Request.
    If you use I2-Cell, please notice to SS.


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