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2007 Subaru Users' Meeting 


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Nobuo Arimoto
Masa Imanishi
Hamana Takashi
Tomonori Usuda
Tae-Soo Pyo


2007 Subaru Users' Meeting
~ New Strategy of Subaru (II) ~

Date: 29 ~ 31 January 2008

Place : Large Seminar Room (Dai-Seminar-shitsu)
 Data Analysis Bldg.,
 NAOJ , Mitaka, Tokyo

Program (2008/01/25 Version)

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* All time include Q/A
Jan 29 (Tue):SAC HSC Science Workshop ==================
[Morning Session]  Chair:Yasushi Suto (Tokyo Univ.)
1. HSC current status and schedule

09:00-09:20 Hardware 
09:20-09:40 Software
09:40-09-55 HSC engineering collaboration

Satoshi Miyazaki(NAOJ)
Hisanori Furusawa(NAOJ/RCUH)
Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA)

2. Science cases from Japanese researchers

09:55-10:15  Dark Energy in Physics (Summary)

[10:15-10:30 Tea time (15 min)]

10:30-11:00  Dark Energy
11:00-11:30  Galaxies
11:30-11:50  Survery of celestial objects in Solar System by Suprime-Cam

Hiroaki Aihara(Tokyo Univ.)

Masahiro Takada(Tohoku Univ.)
Yutaka Komiyama(NAOJ)
Fumi Yoshida(JAXA)

[Afternoon]  Chair:Toru Yamada(Tohoku)

13:30-13:50 Distant Galaxies 
13:50-14:10 AGN/QSO
14:10-14:30 Survey of high redshift QSO and galaxy clusters by HSC
14:30-14:50 HSC supernova survey             
14:50-15:10 A photometric method to classify high-z supernovae found with HSC   

[15:10-15:30 Tea time (20 min)]  

Masami Ouchi(Carnegie)
Masatoshi Imanishi(NAOJ)
Tomotsugu Goto(JAXA)
Naoki Yasuda (ICRR/Tokyo Univ.)
Yutaka Ihara(IoA/Tokyo Univ.)

3. Science cases from Princeton University

15:30-16:00 A large heirarchical imaging survey with HSC:
                     Science with the shallow wide-angle layer
16:00-16:10  A large heirarchical imaging survey with HSC:
                     Science with the intermediate layer
16:10-16:20 A large heirarchical imaging survey with HSC:
                     Science with the deep layer
16:20-16:30 A large heirarchical imaging survey with HSC:
                     Solar-system science: small bodies

James E. Gunn(Princeton Univ.)

Jenny E. Greene(Princeton Univ.)

Mariska Kriek(Princeton Univ.)

Amaya Moro-Martin (Princeton Univ.)

4. Science cases from ASIAA

16:30-16:50 ASIAA Research Highlights and Prospects with HSC
16:50-17:10 The Role of Galaxy Mergers in Forming the Red-Sequence Galaxies

Keiichi Umetsu(ASIAA)
Li-Hwai Lin(ASIAA)

Jan 30 (Wed) Subaru Users Meeting: Science Session  ==

[Morning]  Chair:Tomonori Usuda(NAOJ)

0. Opening address 


Masa Hayashi (NAOJ)

1. Science cases with Gemini [in English]

09:05-09:25  Slicing up Galactic HII Region with NIFS
09:25-09:45  GNIRS observations of massive galaxies in the early universe      
09:45-10:05  Fast and Flexible: Rapid Response Observations with Gemini
10:05-10:20  Gemini instrumentation program
10:20-10:35  Gemini instruments and modes of special interest

[10:35-10:50 Tea time (15-min)]

Robert Blum(NOAO)
Mariska Kriek(Princeton Univ.)
Paul Price (UH)
Doug Simons(Gemini)
Jean-René Roy (Gemini)

2.Science cases from UH IfA with Subaru [in English]

10:50-11:10 Comet: The Search for the EPOXI Mission Target          
11:10-11:30 Kinematics of planetary nebulae in the outskirts of galaxies from
                      slitless FOCAS radial velocities
11:30-11:50 Chemical abundances in nearby spirals: M33
                    (Observational results of spectroscopy by FOCAS)              

Karen Meech(UH)
Roberto H. Mendez(UH)

Fabio Bresolin(UH)

[Afternoon] Chair:Shimasaku Kazuhiro (Tokyo Univ.)

3. Science cases from Japan: Intensive program [in Japanese]

13:30-14:00 Mapping the Realm of Hot Jupiters
14:00-14:30 Rest-frame >5000Ĺ Morphology of z~3 Lyman Break Galaxies             
14:30-15:00 Giant Lyman α Blobs and Structure Formation in the Universe      

[15:00-15:15 Tea time (15 min)]

4. Science cases from Japan: Normal Program [in Japanese]

15:15-15:30 Abundance patterns of r-process-enhanced metal-poor stars
15:30-15:45 Do YSOs host a wide-angled wind? -NIR imaging spectroscopy of
                     H2 emission
15:45-16:00 Supernovae are not spherical: The result from late-time spectroscopy
                      by FOCAS
16:00-16:15 Suprime-Cam variability survey for faint AGN
16:15-16:30 Discovery of gravitationally lensed Quasars
16:30-16:45 Subaru/MOIRCS Near-Infrared Imaging in the z=3.1 Proto-Cluster Region

16:45-17:00 Properties of Lyman/Balmer break galaxies around the North Ecliptic Pole   


Bun'ei Sato(Tokyo Tech. Univ.)
Masayuki Akiyama(NAOJ/RCUH)
Toru Yamada(Tohoku Univ.)

Satoshi Honda(Gunma Observatory)
Michihiro Takami (ASIAA)

Keiichi Maeda(IPMU/Tokyo Univ.)

Tomoki Morokuma(NAOJ)
Naohisa Inada(RIKEN)
Yuka Uchimoto-Kazuno
     (IoA/Tokyo Univ.)
Hitoshi Hanami (Iwate Univ.)
Jan 31 (Thu) 

[Morning] Chair: Takuya Yamashita(HASC/Hiroshima Univ.)

1. Subaru User's Meeting: Business Session [in Japanese]

09:00-09:20  Director's Report
09:20-09:40  Computer replacement in Feb, 2008
09:40-10:00  Operation status (talk 5-min ×3+Q/A 5-min)
          09:40-09:45 Current status of Subaru Telescope
          09:45-09:50 Current status of Instruments
          09:50-09:55 Current status of SMOKA
          09:55-10:00  Q/A
10:00-10:15   Development status and schedule of AO188/LGS
10:15-10:30   Development status and schedule of FMOS

[10:30-10-45 Tea time (15 min)]

10:45-11:05   TAC Report
11:05-11:35   SAC Report  and Q/A
11:35-12:00   Discussion

[Afternoon] Chair: Nobuo Arimoto (NAOJ)

13:15-13:45 UH/UKIRT Japanese time

2. International Collaboration Session [in English]

13:45-14:05   Current status report 
14:05-14:50   Collaboration with Princeton University
           14:05-14:20  Introduction & Overview of the Department              
           14:20-14:50  Major elements and ideas for the collaboration
14:50-15:20   Collaboration with ASIAA
15:20-15:21   Ad: Mini-WS@Taiwan in March
15:21-15:50   Discussion

[15:50-16:05 Tea time (15 min)]

16:05-16:20   Introduction of AURA
16:20-16:45   WFMOS
16:45-16:46   Ad: WFMOS-WS@Kona(5/19-22)
16:46-17:30   Discussion

Masa Hayashi (NAOJ)
Junichi Noumaru(NAOJ)

Daigo Tomono(NAOJ)
Hiroshi Terada(NAOJ)
Yoshihiko Yamada(NAOJ)

Yutaka Hayano(NAOJ)
Naruhisa Takato (NAOJ)

Kazuhiro Shimasaku(Tokyo Univ.)
Takashi Ichikawa(Tohoku Univ.)

Motohide Tamura (NAOJ)

Masa Hayashi (NAOJ)

Edwin L. Turner (Princeton Univ.)
Edwin L. Turner(Princeton Univ.)
Paul Ho(ASIAA)
Nobuo Arimoto(NAOJ)

William S. Smith(AURA)
Doug Simons(Gemini)
Doug Simons(Gemini)

[001] Current status of Subaru Telescope
[002] Current status of Subaru Instruments
[003] Current status of SMOKA
[004] Current status of open use

[010] Progress report of Subaru HiCIAO
[011] VPH grism development of NAOJ

[020] Boundary condition in collisional evolution given by size frequency distribution
           observation of astronoids
[021] Survey of protoplanetary disk with CIAO (TBD)
[022] Clumps of dust and molecules in planetary nebula
[023] Variety of Ia-type supernova discovered in SDSS supernova survey
[024] A WC star explosion: SN 2006jc
[025] Late phase observation of extremely luminous SN 2006gy

[026] Inner rim of a molecular disk: CO observaion of HD 141569A
[027] Cosmic ray ionization rate in the Galactic center
[028] NIR coronagraph observation of T Tauri XZ Tau

[030] The stellar populations of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5
[031] Galactic wind from starforming galaxy NGC 253 observed by Kyoto3DII
          Fabry-Perot Mode
[032] Survey of Ly-alpha blob around SSA22 region and sky
[033] Preliminary Results on Stellar Populations of LAEs at z=4.8
[034] Spectroscopy of LBG by GMOS-N
[035] Survey of high-z galaxies by MOIRCS
[036] Spectroscopy of high-z supernovae with Subaru/FOCAS
[037] Large Scale Structure of Lyman Alpha Absorbers in the SSA22 

Daigo Tomono (NAOJ/RCUH)
Hiroshi Terada (NAOJ)
Yoshihiko Yamada(NAOJ)
Yoichi Takeda (NAOJ)

Ryuji Suzuki (NAOJ)
Noboru Ebizuka (Konan Univ.)

Takashi Ito (NAOJ)

Jennifer Karr (ASIAA)
Mikako Matsuura (NAOJ)
Kohki Konishi (Physics/Tokyo Univ.)
Nozomu Tominaga (Tokyo Univ.)
Koji Kawabata
   (HASC/Hiroshima Univ.)
Miwa Goto (MPIA)
MIwa Goto (MPIA)
Tomonori Hioki (Kobe Univ.)

Kiyoto Yabe (Kyoto Univ.)
Kazuya Matsubayashi (Kyoto Univ.)

Yuichi Matsuda (Kyoto Univ.)
Suraphong Yuma (Kyoto Univ.)
Hiroki Kajino (Kyoto Univ.)
Chihiro Tokoku(NAOJ)
Tomoki Morokuma(NAOJ)
Yuki Nakamura (Tohoku Univ.)