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Giant Gap in Disk of Young Star PDS 70 May Reveal Planets
Ruobing Dong relates the search for planets in disks of gas and dust around stars where planets form (protoplanetary disks) to his team's current research on the young star PDS 70. Based on observations with the High Contrast Instrument for the Subaru Next Generation Adaptive Optics (HiCIAO) mounted on the Subaru Telescope, the research team that he led with Jun Hashimoto (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) captured images that clearly show a giant gap inside the star's protoplanetary disk. Several newborn planets may account for this gap.
Ruobing Dong is graduate student in astrophysics at Princeton University where he expects to receive his PhD in 2013. The title of his dissertation is: "The Earliest Stage of Planet Formation: Numerical Simulations of Disk-Planet Interaction and Observations of Protoplanetary Disks"

Credit: NAOJ
Filming: Humberto Gunn, November 15, 2012
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