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Find where stars are born form Andromeda!!

The arm portion of a galaxy is full of gas and dusts. When that portion becomes extremely pressurized in event such as supernova explosion, the temperature (energy) of the elements that make up the gas and dust rises creating a state known as “ionization.” Especially the region where hydrogen is ionized, we call it an [HII region] and it has a characteristic of red color. This [HII region] where the color is red is in fact where the stars are actually being formed.

Now, let’s find the regions where the stars are born within the southwestward of the Andromeda galaxy.

How to Play :

There will be an enlarged image on the middle monitor. Using the bottom monitor which displays the whole image of the southwestward of the Andromeda galaxy as a guide; find the 6 target regions where stars are born on the middle monitor, by controlling the arrow key and zoom-in button. Click on it once you find the region. After finding all targets, there will be 3 types of special prize (wall paper) depending on the elapsed time!

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