Current Capabilities for Science Observations

Overview and Important Notes

This document describes SCExAO capabilities commissionned as of Aug 2018. S19A proposers can use this page as a guide to prepare their proposals.

More advanced operation modes that have not yet been commissioned are NOT described in this page, and may be available to observers (please check with SCExAO development team for readiness level and relevance to your observations).

Before applying to use SCExAO, please refer to the instrument use polices

Additional Information

If additional information or clarification is required, please contact:

  • Olivier Guyon - PI of SCExAO -
  • Julien Lozi - Technical lead of SCExAO -
  • Tyler Groff - Technical lead for CHARIS -
  • Thayne Currie - SCExAO/CHARIS science & data reduction -
  • Peter Tuthill - PI of VAMPIRES -
  • Barnaby Norris - Project manager/technical lead on VAMPIRES -

Any publication using data collected by the SCExAO instrument must reference the primary instrument paper (Jovanovic, N. et al, PASP,127, 890J) and any other relevant papers about the module if it exists.

For more technical details please refer to the publications page.

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