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Past 20 Years and Future of Subaru's Role in Observations of Exoplanets and Disks

Parallel Science Sessions - 
Exoplanet & Star Formation

b/g image: Giant Gap in Protoplanetary Disk of PDS 70 (J Hashimoto et al. 2012)

Scientific Rationale

Observational studies for exoplanets and protoplanetary disks have been rapidly growing in the past 2 decades. Subaru has indeed offered various instruments to observe exoplanets and protoplanetary disks. In the past 2 decades, Subaru has discovered unique exoplanets and revealed their properties with various instruments. The first Subaru Strategic Program (SSP), the SEEDS project, has made discoveries of directly imaged exoplanets and varieties of protoplanetary disks by high angular resolution high contrast imaging, enabled by adaptive optics AO188 and a dedicated high contrast instrument HiCIAO. Moreover, emerging new PI-type instruments such as SCExAO, CHARIS, and IRD will enable further significant studies in these research fields.

This session will aim to share the past and latest knowledge in these research fields, and discuss future prospects and possible synergies with other missions and facilities in the upcoming decade.

Keynote Speaker

Motohide Tamura (U. of Tokyo)

Invited Speakers

Masahiro Ikoma (U. of Tokyo)

Misato Fukagawa (NAOJ)

Mitsuhiko Honda (Osaka U. of Science)

Olivier Guyon (Subaru)

Tyler D. Groff (Princeton U.)

Yumiko Oasa (Saitama U.)

SOC members

Norio Narita (U. of Tokyo/ABC) - chair

Misato Fukagawa (NAOJ)


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