Wide-field-surveys of the Local Group and Nearby Galaxies

Parallel Science Sessions - 
Local Group & Nearby Galaxies

b/g image: M81 through Hyper Suprime-Cam, prime-focus camera (S Okamoto et al. 2015)

Scientific Rationale

In the past few decades, wide-field surveys have been a powerful means of placing constraints on the formation and evolution of nearby/Local Group galaxies, including our own Milky Way. These efforts have led to the discovery of new dwarf satellites, characterization of stellar substructures in halos of large galaxies, and their spectroscopic follow-up observations, that are together used to reconstruct dynamical and star formation histories in these galaxies and have provided one of the most stringent tests for the nature of dark matter. The 8.2 m Subaru telescope, especially with the two prime focus instruments, HyperSuprimeCam (HSC) and Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS), presents a strong combination of light gathering power and wide field of view and is thus expected to significantly contribute to this field of study.

In this parallel session, we will summarize the successes and achievements of wide-field surveys of the Local Group and nearby galaxies conducted by various world-leading facilities in the past few decades. As one of the programs in the Subaru 20th anniversary conference, we also aim to facilitate a discussion of the prospect of using HSC and PFS on Subaru.

Keynote Speaker

Vasily Belokurov (U. of Cambridge)

Invited Speakers

Brent R. Tully (UH-IfA)

Eric Peng (PKU-KIAA)

Karoline Gilbert (STScI)

Kim Venn (U. of Victoria)

Laura Ferrarese (NRC)

Masashi Chiba (Tohoku U.)

Michael Rich (UCLA)

SOC members

Miho N. Ishigaki (Tohoku U.) - chair

Alvio Renzini (Astronomical Observatory of Padova)

Daisuke Kawata (U. College London)

Evan Kirby (Caltech)

Gang Zhao (NAOC)

Kohei Hayashi (U. of Tokyo)

Jin Koda (Stony Brook U.)

Noriyuki Matsunaga (U. of Tokyo)

Raja Guhathakurta (UCSC)

Rosemary F. G. Wyse (JHU)

Sakurako Okamoto (Subaru)

Wako Aoki (NAOJ)

Yutaka Komiyama (NAOJ)


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Dr. Sakurako Okamoto
Dr. Rhythm Shimakawa
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