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Ticket Booking Form

Booking Direct Flights between NRT and KOA operated by Japan Airline


Confirm the Flight Schedule

Flight schedule
11/16 (Sat) JL770: Depart from Narita airport at 21:25, and arrive Kona airport at 09:55
11/23 (Sat) JL779: Depart from Kona airport at 12:05, and arrive Narita airport at 16:35 (11/24)

$710 + tax/fuel charge (*$302 on 2/15/2019)
You need to pay $150 from the full charge before 7/30 as application fee

Deadline for application

Application fee (deposit)
Deposit fee will be back to you if seat reservations do not reach 10 on 7/30.
Deposit fee will not return after 7/30 (and buy a ticket by purchasing remaing $560 +tax/fuel)


Submit a Form to JTB Office

Please fill out the application form (English / 日本語), and submit the form to the JTB office (see the document).


Make a Payment to the JTB Office

Please proceed a payment through the JTB office.
Deadline for the payment is 9/27 (Fri).
Cancellation fee is $400


Shuttle Bus

You can take a shuttle bus for the transportation between the Kona airport and the Marriott hotel.
After arrival please find the shuttle operated by the Roberts Hawaii. More details will be sent before the conference.
$8.5 (plus tax) per person will be charged to the guest room for payment, if applicable, as porterage gratuities.


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