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  • Ethics and Anti-harassment Statement - The organisers consider this symposium to be a privileged opportunity for free and active exchanges of scientific ideas, as well as for the nurturing and creation of professional and social contacts. Any abuse of power or inappropriate behaviour has no place at this symposium. We specifically refer to the NINS Researcher Code of Conduct (, which will apply during the symposium. By registering for this symposium, all participants confirm that they have read the documents and that they will follow its recommendations.
  • Maunakea Site Acknowledgement - We wish to recognize and acknowledge the very significant cultural role and reverence that the summit of Maunakea has always had within the indigenous Hawaiian community. We are most fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct observations from this mountain. (Please see also a summary of activities by Maunakea Observatories.)

Local Organization Committee

Subaru staffs are oraganizing this conference

Rhythm Shimakawa (NAOJ Fellow) - chair
Sakurako Okamoto (Assistant Professor) - chair
Mari Endo (Assistant to the Director)
Yusei Koyama (Assistant Professor)
Michitoshi Yoshida (Director)
Junichi Nomaru (Associate Director)
Eiji Kambe (Associate Professor)
Lucio Ramos (Instrumentation/Electronics Technician)
Hirofumi Okita (Assistant Professor)
Yuko Kakazu (Public information & outreach office)
Rieko Murai (Public information & outreach office)
Masayo Nakajima (Public information & outreach office)
Satoshi Sugawara (Administration office)
Yoji Seto (Administration office)
Etsuko Mieda (Support Astronomer)
Ichi Tanaka (Support Astronomer)
Yuhei Takagi (Support Astronomer)
Shigeru Namiki (PhD Student)
Jinshi Sai (PhD Student)
and Yoshito Ono (Assitant Professor), Olivier Guyon (ExAO Project Scientist), Takashi Hattori (Sr. Instrumentation Specialist), Nagayoshi Ohashi (Professor), Tae-Soo Pyo (Assistant Professor), Ryoko Sur, Keiko Formanek, Yuka Niimi, Hiromi Chung, Noriko Roth (Administration office), Hyewon Suh (Subaru Fellow) contributing to the conference


The Subaru Telescope 20th anniversary conference is financially supported by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (under the 5th NAOJ Symposium), Kavli IPMU, Astrobiology Center, JSPS KAKENHI (Grant Number 15H020695001), and TMT-J Project.


Subaru Telescope
650 N Aohoku Pl
Hilo, HI, 96720 United States


Dr. Sakurako Okamoto
Dr. Rhythm Shimakawa
at Subaru Telescope


LOC Email Address
subaru20anniv_loc <AT>