February 11, 2008

HILO, HAWAII -- A few weeks ago, the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Astronomy (JFPA) and the Subaru Telescope made a generous monetary donation to the University of Hawaii at Hilo.On January 25, 2008, the Director of Subaru, Masahiko Hayashi, and Associate Director, Hideki Takami, presented Chancellor Rose Tseng with a gift of $8,700 (1 million yen).Also present representing UH Hilo were Margaret Shiba, Senior Director of Development and Carolina Lam, Education Abroad Coordinator.“The gift is an expression of our gratitude to the University and the people of Hilo for their continued support of the Subaru Telescope” said Director Hayashi.

The contribution is slated to enhance and expand the International Education Week program to include members of the Hilo-based international astronomy community and have them participate in public lectures, panel discussions, and “talk story” sessions.The week-long celebration is sponsored by the University’s Center for Global Education and Exchange and will be held on campus November 17 through 21, 2008.With funds directed toward this activity, Director Hayashi proclaimed “through this contribution we hope to assist UH-Hilo to continue its high level of academic excellence for aspiring students from around the world”.

Since 2001, the Subaru Telescope and JFPA have made donations to UH-Hilo to support their academic and cultural programs in appreciation of the people of Hilo and their hospitality.Previous donations have gone to the College of Hawaiian Studies to build and outfit the deep ocean voyaging canoe Hoku Alaka’i, and to the ImiloaAstronomyCenter for exhibits and planetarium show for youth.To date, Subaru and JFPA have donated 7 million yen or about 60 thousand dollars to UH-Hilo for its many programs, demonstrating their continued commitment to the educational and research partnership of the three institutions.

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Attached Figure (from left to right): Carolina Lam, UHH; Chancellor Rose Tseng, UHH; Director Masahiko Hayashi, Subaru; and Associate Director, Hideki Takami, Subaru.

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