What is the "Subaru Calendar" ?

July 25, 2001

*This Subaru Calendar page was closed in May, 2003.

In June, we opened a new feature on our web site called the "Subaru Calendar". This page is designed to quickly provide information to such questions as "Which instrument is going to be used for a particular night's observations?" or "What work is scheduled during the daytime?". Here, we give you some of the details about the "Subaru Calendar".

Looking at the enlargement shown here, you'll notice that each date in the Subaru Calendar is divided into (at least) two rows. The upper-most row (displayed with a light blue background ) is always used to show what work is scheduled during daytime hours. Some examples of daytime tasks are attaching or exchanging ("Ex:") observational instruments and giving the primary mirror a CO2 cleaning.

The lower row on each date contains details about what kind of observations are going to be made during the nighttime and which instrument will be used. Sometimes, this row is split into two, with "Be:" indicating what's happening before midnight (from sunset to 0:00 local time) and "Af:" showing what's happening after midnight (0:00 to sunrise). The instrument to be used is shown in parentheses following the general type of observations that are to be made.

The observing categories are as follows:

"Open Use"... This indicates that the telescope will be used by an international astronomer who has submitted a research proposal deemed suitable for the use of Subaru Telescope. For more details about how Open Use time is awarded, please refer to our October 2000 issue of Topic (*) and the schedule page.
"UH Obs"... This indicates observing time granted to astronomers of the University of Hawaii (UH). In exchange for allowing the international observatories to be built at the summit and for providing support services on the summit of Mauna Kea, the UH is given up to 15% of each observatory's available observing time.
"Eng"... This is time for engineering work on the observational instruments by the instrument group members who have developed them. They maintain not only the instruments but also the control computers and connections to the telescope.
"Inst Comm"... means observing time reserved for the instrument groups to conduct scientific research during the commissioning phase of their instruments.
"Eng (Telescope)"... is time for engineering work on the telescope by Subaru staff. Sometimes it is necessary to perform tests using real starlight to ensure the proper operation and highest possible performance of the telescope.
"Subaru Obs"... indicates telescope time reserved for use by Subaru Telescope staff members for conducting research.

The contents of the Subaru Calendar is not static and will likely keep changing throughout the month as we revise the information to accurately reflect what work has actually been carried out. Beginning in August and running for about two months, we will be recoating Subaru's 8.2m primary mirror and making some adjustments to the telescope. The Subaru Calendar will be used to announce the progress of this work.

From the busy schedule shown on the Subaru Calendar, you can see that Subaru Telescope and its staff are kept busy both day and night!



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