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Dec. 29 : Subaru's Sharp Eye Confirms Signs of Unseen Planets in the Dust Ring of HR 4796 A

Dec. 21 : Discovery of a Vigorous Star-Forming Galaxy at the Cosmic Dawn

Oct. 26 : Subaru's 3-D View of Stephan's Quintet

Oct. 19 : Researchers Explain the Formation of Scheila's Unusual Triple Dust Tails

Oct. 19 : Spiral Arms Point to Possible Planets

Oct. 11 : "Failed Stars" Galore with One Youngster Only Six Times Heftier than Jupiter

Oct. 5 : The First Detection of Abundant Carbon in the Early Universe

Oct. 3 : The Most Distant and Ancient Supernovae in the Young Universe

Aug. 5 : Red-Burning Galaxies Hold the Key to Galaxy Evolution

Jul. 6 : Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Sharpens Subaru Telescope's Eyesight and Opens a New Vision of the Distant Universe

Jun. 20 : Duo of Big Telescopes Probes the Depths of Binary Star Formation

Apr. 29 : Special Issue of Publication of the Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ) Highlights Recent Results from the Subaru Telescope

Apr. 25 : Giant Black Holes Revealed in the Nuclei of Merging Galaxies

Mar. 9 : A Mature Cluster of Galaxies at Young Universe

Mar. 7 : New Images of Starburst Galaxy M82 Reveal Multiple Sources of Its Superwind

Feb. 25 : Subaru Telescope Discovers A Rosetta Stone Cluster of Galaxies

Feb. 17 : Direct Images of Disks Unravel Mystery of Planet Formation

Jan. 12 : Inclined Orbits Prevail in Exoplanetary Systems


Nov. 19 : Why Do the Ionized Gas Clouds Stream Out from Galaxies?

Oct. 21 : Subaru Telescope photographed 103P/Hartley

Aug. 19 : New Herbig-Haro Jets in Orion

Aug. 12 : Discovery of First Trojan Asteroid in a Stable Zone near Neptune

Jul. 20 : Subaru Telescope Detects Clues for Understanding the Origin of Mysterious Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts

Jul. 20 : Subaru Telescope Detects Clues for Understanding the Origin of Mysterious Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts

Jun. 13 : Subaru Telescope photographed Hayabusa spacecraft

May 21 : An Unusual Supernova May Be a Missing Link in Stellar Evolution Research

May 20 : A Completely Grown-Up Galaxy in the Young Universe

May 9 : Invisible light discovers the most distant cluster of galaxies

Apr. 26 : Research Illuminates the Shape of Dark Matter's Distribution

Apr. 22 : M81's "Halo" Sheds Light on Galaxy Formation

Apr. 1 : A Fresh Look at Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Jan. 29 : Astronomers discover cool stars in nearby space

Jan. 22 : Discovery of new stellar streams in the halo of the Andromeda galaxy - Remnants of galaxy formation processes through mergers -


Dec. 11 : First Direct Imaging of a Young Binary System

Dec. 3 : Discovery of an Exoplanet Candidate Orbiting a Sun-Like Star: Inaugural Observations with Subaru's New Instrument HiCIAO

Nov. 20 : Infrared Image of Circumstellar Disk Illuminates Massive Star Formation Process

Nov. 17 : Maps Unveil the Source of Starburst Galaxy's Winds

Nov. 12 : Discovery of a Retrograde or Highly Tilted Extrasolar Planet

Nov. 6 : “Dropouts” pinpoint earliest galaxies

Nov. 3 : Shedding Light on the Cosmic Skeleton

Oct. 9 : Subaru Participates in Observations of Momentous Lunar Impacts

Sep. 21 : Star Formation Activities at the Outskirts of Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946 - Young College Students Celebrate the 10th Birthday of Subaru Telescope -

Sep. 2 : UH Astronomer Finds Giant Galaxy Hosting the Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole

Aug. 20 : A Ninth-Magnitude Messenger from the Early Universe

Jul. 2 : A Fireworks Display in the Helix Nebula

Jun. 9 : Discovery of New Tidal Debris of Colliding Galaxies

May 21 : Astronomers successfully obtained images of an extra-solar planet

Apr. 22 : Mysterious Space Blob Discovered at Cosmic Dawn

Apr. 14 : Creating Diamonds in Space

Apr. 3 : Massive Galaxies Born Earlier than Expected

Mar. 6 : Subaru Reveals History of Star Formation in M33

Feb. 24 : Strong UV Radiation Detected in the Most Distant Galaxies

Feb. 17 : Water ice in the young planetary system - future ocean of the planets?

Jan. 29 : Subaru Head Count of Low-mass Stars in W3 Main


Dec. 3 : SUPERNOVA TIME TRAVEL AT SUBARU TELESCOPE: Super Explosion in 16th Century Caught by Subaru in 21st Century

Nov. 20 : Suprime-Cam upgraded with ultra-sensitive CCDs

Oct. 30 : Subaru Tackles Galaxy Evolution in Distant Universe

Oct. 6 : Galaxy Ramming Through Space Creates Fireballs

Jul. 10 : Starburst Galaxy Having Baby Boom

May 29 : Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A: Decoding Light to Uncover the Mystery of its Birth

May 7 : Saturn’s Atmosphere Does the Wave

Apr. 7 : Small Distant Galaxies Confirm Galaxy Formation Theories

Apr. 7 : Supernova Study Reveals Hidden Wonders and New Understandings

Feb. 20 : Dozens of Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies Discovered in Distant Universe

Feb. 8 : A Lightweight Disk Around a Lightweight Star May Harbor Earth-like Planet

Jan. 31 : Supernovae are Not Spherical (or round) - Subaru Dissects the Interior of Exploding Stars

2007 : Scientific Results Summary

Dec. 18 : Subaru Reveals "Frameworks" of Galaxies at 11 Billion Years Ago

Dec. 14 : Subaru Collaborates NASA's Deep Impact Mission

Nov. 28 : Leo II: An Old Dwarf Galaxy with Juvenescent Heart

Sep. 25 : Subaru Telescope Uncovers a Misaligned Jet in a Binary Star System

Sep. 10 : Subaru Astronomers Measure Meteoroid Tunnels in Earth’s Atmosphere

Aug. 23 : Subaru Measures the Spin-Orbit Alignment in a Faint Transiting Extrasolar Planetary System

Jun. 25 : First Detection of Thorium in an Extragalactic Star

May 19 : The Thickness and Formation Age of Surface Layer on Comet 9P/Tempel 1

Apr. 24 : More Fragments Discovered in Comet Schwassman-Wachmann 3 Nucleus

Mar. 12 : Supernova Remnant in Dark Space: Subaru Prime Focus Camera Captures the Transfiguration of Crab Nebula

Mar. 5 : Unusual Streak of Ionized Gas Hints at Galaxy's Past

Feb. 13 : Double sun sunset no longer science fiction


2006 : Scientific Results Summary

Nov. 20 : Subaru Telescope Improves its Eyesight by a Factor of Ten

Oct. 23 : Star Ends Infancy Abruptly

Sep. 13 : Cosmic Archeology Uncovers the Universe’s Dark Ages

Aug. 29 : Japanese Researcher Finds Massive Black Hole 12.7 Billion Light-years Away


Jul. 13 : Subaru Discovers 9 new Satellites of Saturn

Jun. 27 : Diversity the Norm in Protoplanetary Disks: Astronomers Find Donuts, Spirals and Now Banana Splits

May 31 : The Subaru Makali‘i School: High School Students Observe with the Subaru Telescope

May 25 : Universe Re-Ionized 900 Million Years After Birth

May 11 : Subaru Captures Crumbling Comet SW3

Apr. 20 : Synergy of Technologies Reveal Origin of Dust Around Nearby Star

Apr. 10 : Computer Simulations Link Galaxies Past and Present

Feb. 15 : Supermassive Black Holes Hide in Dust Cocoons

2005 : Scientific Results Summary

Dec. 21 : Young Galaxies Grow Up Together in a Nest of Dark Matter

Oct. 13 : A Galactic Space Halo -- NGC2403

Sep. 15 : Mauna Kea Giants Find Common Nursery for Comets

Sep. 15 : Asteroids Created the Oldest Craters on the Moon


Aug. 31 : Circumstellar Disk Cradles Young Massive Star

Aug. 4 : New Integral Field Spectrograph Reveals the Energetic Gas Outflow from the Supermassive Black Hole

Jul. 21 : Subaru Obtains the Deepest Infrared Image of the Universe

Jul. 6 : Solid State Laser for Subaru Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics

Jun. 30 : A Massive-Core Hot Planet is Discovered

Jun. 3 : Calculations Reveal Chemical Inheritance of Oldest Stars

May 26 : Hypernova Reveals Hidden Identity As Gamma-Ray Burst

May 9 : Twelve New Moons Discovered for Saturn

Apr. 20 : Silhouette Reveals Hidden Shape of Young Star's Envelope

Apr. 13 : Nucleosynthesis signatures of the first stars

Apr. 1 : Rapid Flares in Normal Looking Galaxies Hint at the Ubiquity of Supermassive Black Holes

Mar. 1 : A Glimpse at the Hidden Process of Star Formation

Feb. 24 : Young Star's Companion Has Only Forty Times the Mass of Jupiter

Feb. 16 : Galaxy Clusters Formed Early

Jan. 3 : Quaoar Reveals a Surprisingly Young Face

2004 : Scientific Results Summary

Dec. 23 : Jupiter's Moon Had A Far-Flung Past

Dec. 15 : The Soot Enshrouded End of a Sun-like Star

Nov. 18 : Subaru Witnesses Galactic Cannibalism in Action

Oct. 21 : Planetesimal belts are discovered around beta Pictoris

Aug. 5 : Dwarf Irregular Galaxies: Not So Pristine After All

Jun. 29 : Winds Measured on Saturn"s Moon Titan to Help Robot Lander

Jun. 1 : Welcome to A Menagerie of A Million Galaxies

Apr. 18 : Spiral Dance in a Planetary Nursery

Apr. 4 : Discovery of Water Icy Grains in Comet LINEAR Approaching Earth

Feb. 23 : A Treasure Chest of Stars -- Dwarf Irregular Galaxy Sextans A

2003 : Scientific Results Summary

Dec. 22 : A Chain Cluster: Witnessing the Formation of a Rich Galaxy Cluster 7 Billion Years Ago

Dec. 17 : Discovery of Widest-separation Quasar Gravitational Lens

Nov. 25 : Subaru Finds Galaxy Seed in the Early Universe

Oct. 1 : Opening Up Mid-infrared Astronomy with COMICS

Oct. 1 : COMICS Detects Crystalline Silicates Around a Young Sun-like Star.

Sep. 16 : Subaru Observes Mars with IRCS and HDTV camera.

Jun. 13 : Gamma-Ray Bursts = Hypernovae ?!

May 29 : Subaru Discovers Many Distant Supernovae

Apr. 8 : The Universe Had Large Scale Structure at a Very Early Age

Apr. 8 : Jupiter and Saturn Have More Moons

Mar. 19 : Subaru Detects Most Distant Galaxy Yet

Jan. 16 : Isolated Star-Forming Cloud Discovered in Intracluster Space (Joint release with ESO)

2002 : Scientific Results Summary

Sep. 29 : Aging Star Has 'Bullets' and 'Horns'

Aug. 8 : Subaru Discovers an Exploding Galaxy at the Edge of the Universe

May 7 : Galaxy's Light Pushes Back Dark Ages of the Universe

Apr. 15 : Discovery of Huge Gas Cloud Expanding around Galaxy

Feb. 21 : A Near-Infrared View of Uranus, Its Ring system, and Two Satellites

Feb. 6 : Subaru observes Supernova SN 2002ap

Jan. 16 : First spectroscopic observations with Subaru's adaptive optics

2001 : Scientific Results Summary

Nov. 1 : Subaru Approaches Origin of Comets

Sep. 7 : A color image of the Andromeda Galaxy

Jul. 12 : Discovery of seven new distant supernovae

May 23 : Subaru discovers small objects in the outer Solar System

Apr. 30 : Light From All the Galaxies in the Universe Accounted For Using the 'Subaru Deep Field'

Feb. 13 : Subaru Stares into a Cradle of Stars

2000 : Scientific Results Summary

Dec. 2 : Adaptive Optics First Light!

Nov. 14 : Wide Field Color Image with Suprime-Cam

Oct. 9 : Observed Gamma-Ray Burst

Jul. 24 : Image of Comet LINEAR (C/1999 S4)

Jul. 6 : Superb Observations with OHS (CISCO)

Jun. 22 : 0.3 Arcsec Imaging with Suprime-Cam

May 4 : Subaru Catches a Burst from Space

Mar. 24 : Red Light flowing from Galaxy (M 82, NGC 3034)

1999 : Scientific Results Summary

Sep. 16 : Subaru Deep Field

Sep. 16 : Radio Galaxy B3 0731+438 at a Distance of 9.2 Billion Light Years

Sep. 16 : Subtle halos about Ring Nebula (M57, NGC 6720)

Aug. 24 : Two Jets from Protostar L1551-IRS5

Jul. 19 : The first detection of extraterrestrial solid ethane

Jun. 10 : Radio Galaxy 3C324 with Surrounding Clusters of Galaxies

Jun. 10 : 0.2 arcsec Stellar Image Profile

Jan. 28 : First Light



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