July 5, 2011

Appendix for the 1st Report

Photo 1. Looking down upon the primary focus unit (PFU). The hexagonal structure in the center is the top of the SuprimeCam. Cause of the leak is rightly due to the asynchronization of the cable wrap in the periphery of the PFU with respect to the SuprimeCam on the instrument rotator.


Photo 2. Close-up of the cable and hose connectors. Deformation and/or damages are seen where the cables/hoses attached.

Connector board

Photo 3´╝ÄFOCAS at the Cassegrain focus. Top portion is fully covered with the coolant from above, and it might have reached inside of the dewar.


Illustration: PFU, connector panel, and FOCAS with respect to the telescope.


National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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