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2005/12/21 12:30 pm : Abstract
"Observations of ammonia in galaxies"
Shuro Takano
(Nobeyama Radio Observatory)
2005/12/05 2:00 pm : Abstract
"The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey"
Andy Lawrence
(Edinburgh, U.K.)
2005/10/31 : Schedule
"Star Formation Mini-Workshop"
Subaru Telescope & NAOJ
2005/09/12 11am : Abstract
"Three-Mirror Anastigmat Telescope with an Unvignetted Flat Focal Plane"
Kyoji Nariai
(Meisei University)
2005/09/13 11am : Abstract
"The Kyoto Tridimensional Spectrograph II
--- New Observational Modes on Subaru ---"
Hajime Sugai
(Kyoto University)
2005/09/26 : Abstract/Schedule
"Subaru New Instrument: HiCIAO PDR"
Subaru HiCIAO Team
2005/09/01 10am
"Overview of the LSST Science Program and the design of the LSST"
Anthony J. Tyson
(University of California, Davis)
"Detailed overview of the design of the LSST camera"
Steven Kahn
(Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
"Plans for the LSST data management system"
Tim Axelrod
(University of Arizona)
2005/08/04 11am : Abstract
"Progress in Australia on FMOS and Antarctic Astronomy"
Peter Gillingham
(Anglo-Australian Observatory)
2005/08/03 11am : Abstract
"Hot and Diffuse Clouds near the Galactic Center Probed by Metastable H3+"
Takeshi Oka
(University of Chicago)
2005/07/22 11am : Abstract
"Emission-Line Eclipse Mapping of Accretion Disks in CVs"
Ryoko Ishioka
(SUBARU Telescope)
2005/07/13 11am : Abstract
"New generation Subaru LGSAO System: Mechanical behavior of Deformable Mirror 188"
Aurelien Bouvier
(SUBARU Telescope)
2005/05/31 11am : Abstract
"Panoramic View of Cluster Evolution"
Tadayuki Kodama
(National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
2005/05/02 : Abstract
"Probing the physics of supernova explosions with spectropolarimetry"
Lifan Wang
(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
2005/03/14 : Abstract
"Recent Progress of the Japanese Virtual Observatory Project"
Masatoshi Ohishi
(NAOJ, Mitaka)
2005/03/04 : Abstract
"Mapping the Universe with Galaxies at z=3-6 in the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field"
Masami Ouchi
(Space Telescope Science Institute)
2005/03/01 : Abstract
"The new record for the most metal-poor star: HE 1327-2326 with [Fe/H]=-5.4"
Anna Frebel
(Mount Stromlo Observatory)
2005/02/25 : Abstract
"Spectroscopic Studies of GOODS Ellipticals: Downsizing in the Context of Hier archical Galaxy Formation"
Richard Ellis
2005/02/17 : Abstract
"Recent progress in X-ray studies of the Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula"
Koji Mori
(University of Miyazaki)
2005/01/31 : Abstract
"Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy's Thick Disk and Outer Disk"
Bruce W. Carney
(University of North Carolina)
2005/01/28 : Abstract
"Discovery of a large-scale clumpy structure around the Lynx supercluster at z~1.27"
Fumiaki Nakata
(NAOJ, Mitaka)
2005/01/11 : Abstract
"A Possible Japan France Italy Collaboration"
Philippe Bendjoya

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, and IfA.

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