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The Subaru Seminar is usually held in Room 104 of the Hilo Base Facility, adjacent to the main lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Subaru seminar organizers (Tomonori Usuda, Kumiko S. Usuda, Naoyuki Tamura) by email : (please change"_at" to @).

February 5th, Friday, at 10:00 am

" EVE: Wide Field medium resolution multi-object spectroscopy for the E_ELT "

Gavin Dalton

(Oxford University/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

The primary aim of the E-ELT design is to provide facility adaptive optics as the basic mode of operation of the telescope. However, simulations suggest that this mode may only be utilised for ~50% of the available observting time. EVE is an instrument concept to work with medium resolution spectroscopy (R~5000-30000) in the visible and NIR over the widest field of view accessible to the E-ELT to provide a workhorse facility instrument that can begin science from first light in natural- or GLAO-assisted seeing conditions. This talk will discuss the instrument concept design, the major scientific objectives, and a possible precursor instrument for an existing 4m-class telescope. I will conclude with a brief summary of the current status of the VISTA telescope.

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, and IfA.

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