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The Subaru Seminar is usually held in Room 104 of the Hilo Base Facility, adjacent to the main lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Subaru seminar organizers (Tomonori Usuda, Kumiko S. Usuda, Naoyuki Tamura) by email : (please change"_at" to @).

December 17th, Thursday, at 11:00 am

" Understanding the Cosmic Reionization: Current Efforts with Subaru and Prospects for WISH "

Ikuru Iwata

(NAOJ, Okayama Astrophysical Observatory)

I will present two topics related to the cosmic reionization which are thought to have happened about 1 billion years after the beginning of the universe.

(1) Search for ionizing radiation from high-z galaxies: How much the ionizing photons emitted from star-forming galaxies is an important parameter to understand the ionizing background radiation and process of the cosmic reionization. We recently succeeded in detecting ionizing radiation from 17 galaxies at z~3 and significantly increased the number of direct detections of ionizing radiation from high-z galaxies (previously only two) via Subaru / Suprime-Cam deep narrow-band imaging. Some of these galaxies show unexpectedly strong ionizing radiation which are difficult to explain without considering primordial (metal-free) stellar populations. I will present the results by Suprime-Cam and on-going follow-up observations, and also discuss the possibility of further exploration with Hyper Suprime-Cam.

(2) WISH - Wide-filed Imaging Surveyor for High-redshift: We are currently developing a space telescope project named WISH which is a L2 mission with cooled 1.5m telescope and wide-field near-infrared (1-5 microns) camera. WISH will survey more than 100 square degrees and achieve depth unreachable with any ground-based telescopes. The primary goal of the mission is to detect first generation of galaxies and unveil the cosmic reionization process. I will present the current status of WISH and discuss its role as a unique sample provider for TMT.

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, and IfA.

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