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The Subaru Seminar is usually held in Room 104 of the Hilo Base Facility, adjacent to the main lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Subaru seminar organizers (Tomonori Usuda, Kumiko S. Usuda, Masayuki Akiyama) by email : (please change"_at" to @).

March 20, Thursday at 11:00 am

" Red Galaxies in the SDF : Galaxy Formation at z~2 "

Kentaro Motohara (University of Tokyo)

The universe at z~2 is one of the most important era to investigate the galaxy evolution, with the cosmic SFR reaching its peak. Using BzK selection criteria (Daddi et al. 2004), such objects can be selected effciently, being less affected by dust extinction. We threfore carried out wide-field K-band imaging of the Subaru Deep Field (SDF), which has extremely deep (28magAB) optical image with large FOV of 900 sq. arcmin. Containing 5 deep narrow-band images, UV images of GALEX, and MIR images of IRAC/MIPS, SDF is suitable to probe the nature of the galaxies at z~2. The final K-band image has overlap with optical image of 800 sq.arcmin, and reaches the depth of 24.1mag(AB, S/N=3). We have identified ~6000 star-forming BzK galaxies (sBzKs), ~300 passive BzK (pBzKs), and ~3000 EROs in the sample. Photometric redshifts indicate that most of the BzKs are at z=1-2.5 down to K=23.5mag. Such a wide and deep sample will enable us to study the formation activities of galaxies according to their luminosity at z=2, and provide us important insight into the galaxy evolution. We will present their stellar mass function, dust extinction, clustering properties, and their correlations, and discuss their down-sizing evolution.

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, and IfA.

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