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The Subaru Seminar is usually held in Room 104 of the Hilo Base Facility, adjacent to the main lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Masayuki Akiyama by email.

December 2 and 3, Tue. Wed. 9:00-16:10

"Subaru Laser Guide Star AO System Preliminary Design Review "

Subaru AO team

We have a Preliminary Design Review meeting of the Subaru Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics system on Dec. 2 and 3 at the Hilo office of Subaru Telescope. The system is an upgrade of the existing 36 element curvature sensor based AO system. The system will be equipped at the Nasmyth focus with a 188 element curvature sensor, and a bimorph deformable mirror. We plan to have the first light as a natural guide star system in 2005 and the laser first light in 2006. The meeting agenda is
Subaru Hilo Office, room 104A
(We have lunch buffet service.)

2003, Dec. 2
9:00-9:10 Welcome (Hayashi)
9:10-9:40 Project overview (Takami)
9:40-10:50 Science and Instrument (Kobayashi)
10:50-11:05 Coffee break
11:05-12:00 Performance simulation (Guyon)
12:00-13:00 Lunch (buffet)
13:00-14:20 AO module
Optics 50 (Watanabe)
Mechanics and Telescope interface 35 (Eldred)
14:25-14:45 Coffee break
15:45-15:25 DM (Guyon, on behalf of Oya)
15:25-16:25 & Closed session by reviewers
16:25 Adjourn

2003, Dec. 3
9:00-9:45 Laser system (Hayano)
9:45-10:15 Fiber, Laser launching telescope (Hayano)
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-11:05 Computer and Electronics (Colley)
11:05-11:20 Software (Kane)
11:20-11:50 Schedule, Budget (Takami)
11:50-12:10 Discussion (If necessary)
12:10-13:10 Lunch (buffet)
13:10-15:10 Reviewers session
15:10-16:10 Reviewers report
16:10 Adjourn

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, and IfA.

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