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The Subaru Seminar is usually held in Room 104 of the Hilo Base Facility, adjacent to the main lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Masayuki Akiyama by email.

November 14, Friday at 14:00pm

"Suprime33, Suprime-Cam weak lensing survey"

Takashi Hamana (JSPS fellow, IAP/NAOJ)

Suprime33 is weak lensing survey which exploits the unique capability of Suprime-Cam. Its primary purpose is to construct, for the first time, a mass selected cluster catalog containing more than 200 massive, intermediate to high-z clusters. I will present the following topics: (1) a brief review of clusters of galaxies and their role in cosmology. (2) an ability of weak lensing cluster surveys and properties of clusters detected in weak lensing surveys. I will show that weak lensing survey with Suprime-Cam provides an efficient way to search for clusters of galaxiess. The expected number counts of weak lensing clusters is 7 per 1sq deg for a high significant detection signal of S/N>4, which is comparable to a deep X-ray selected cluster counts of 5 per 1sq deg for fx>2e-14erg/cm^2/s. More importantly, weak lensing survey has the potential to detect massive but X-ray faint clusters, which X-ray surveys have missed. (3) results from a pilot survey in GTO 2sq deg field. (4) the outline of Suprime33, its current status and preliminary results from 2003 run.

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, and IfA.

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