Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation

Abstracts submitted for the SPIE Symposium
to be held at Kona, Hawaii in March 1998

AS01. SPIE 3349. Observatory Operations to Optimize Scientific Return

Y. Mizumoto et al.: Prototype of Distributed Analysis Software Hierarchy for Subaru Telescope

T. Sasaki et al.: Observation Control System for Subaru Telescope and its User Interface

J. Noumaru : Data and command flow among instruments, observation controller and data archiver

R. Ogasawara et al.: A Distributed Hierarchical Storage System of Peta Byte Access for Subaru Telescope

G. Kosugi et al.: Observation Dataset of Subaru Observation Software System

T. Takata et al.: The Data Archive and Database System of Subaru Telescope

AS02. SPIE 3350. Astronomical Interferometry

Y. Machida et al.: MIRA-I Project

K. Sato et al.: MIRA-I.2

Y. Honma et al.: Delay Line MIRA Project

J. Nishikawa et al.: MIRA-II, MIRA-III, MIRA-SG

K.-I. Morita and S. Katagiri: An Imaging Algorithm Using the Bispectrum

AS03.SPIE 3354. Infrared Astronomical Instrumentation

M. Tamura et al.: Coronagraphic Imager with Adaptive Optics (CIAO) for the Subaru 8-m Telescope

A. Tokunaga et al.: An Infrared Camera and Spectrograph for Subaru Telescope

M. Doi et al.: UT-15 Color Dichroic Mirror Camera and Future Prospects

K. Motohara et al.: CISCO, Cooled Infrared Spectrograph and Camera for OHS

M. Imanishi et al.: LEWIS A Cross Dispersed Spectrograph for the 3 micron region

D. Tomono and T. Nishimura:Mid Infrared Test Observation System (MIRTOS) for SUBARU

AS04. SPIE 3352. Advanced Technology Optical/IR Telescopes VI

N. Kaifu et al.: Subaru Telescope

N. Itoh et al.: Tip-tilt and Chopping Mechanism for The SUBARU Telescope IR Secondary Mirror Unit

S. S. Hayashi et al.: Status of the Coating Facility of Subaru Telescope

Y. Kamata et al.: Coating Experiment with 1.6 m Vacuum Evaporation Chamber

Y. Torii et al.: In Situ Cleaning of the Primary Mirror of Subaru Telescope

AS05. SPIE 3355. Optical Astronomical Instrumentation

S. Miyazaki et al.: Characterization and Mosaicing of CCDs and the applications to the Subaru wide field camera (SuprimeCam)

K. Noguchi et al.: High Dispersion Spectrograph for Subaru Telescope

M. Iye et al.: Fiber pupil slicer - A versatile light feed

N. Ebizuka et al.: Development of High Dispersion Grisms for Subaru Telescope

H. Otani et al.: The Kyoto Tridimensional Spectrograph

H. Sugai et al.: The Kyoto Tridimensional Spectrograph II

AS06. SPIE 3353. Adaptive Optical System Technologies

H. Takami et al.: Adaptive Optics system for Cassegrain focus of Subaru 8.2m telescope

N. Takato : Objects lists observable for Subaru adaptive optics

AS08. SPIE 3351. Telescope Control Systems III

W. Tanaka et al.: Control System for the Subaru Telescope

T. Noguchi et al.: Evaluation of the Subaru Telescope Control System On-Shop Test Erection

SPIE 3356. Space Telescopes and Instruments V

SPIE 3357. Advanced Technology MMW, Radio, and Terahertz Telescopes




"The Infrared Camera and Spectrograph for the Subaru Telescope"

Tokunaga, A. T., Kobayashi, N., Bell, J., Ching, G., Hodapp, K., Hora,

J. Neill, D., Onaka, P., Rayner, J., Robertson, L., Warren, D. W.,

Weber, M., & Young, T.


"Precision slit design and fabrication for Subaru IRCS instrument"

Young, T., Tokunaga, A. T., Hora, J. L., Robertson, L., & Kobayashi, N.


"Design of the wheel mechanisms for IRCS and NIRI"

Bell, J., Douglass, J., Hodapp, K., Robertson, L., Tokunaga, A. T.,

Young, T., & Kobayashi, N.


"Test and selection of Aladdin II arrays for IRCS: Redline array

control electronics for IRCS"

Onaka, P. M., Tokunaga, A. T., Kobayashi, N., & Weber, M.


List compiled by Saeko S. Hayashi, October 1997

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