< Jan 17 (Wed) >
10:00-10:05 Opening Remark (T. Kodama)
10:05-11:55 Business Session (chair: T. Kodama)
 -10:05-10:35 Director's Report (M. Yoshida)
 -10:35-10:45 Telescope Status Report (H. Okita)
 -10:45-10:55 Science Operations Report FY2017 (T. -S. Pyo)
 -10:55-11:10 SAC Report (N. Kashikawa)
 -11:10-11:25 TAC Report (M. Akiyama)
 -11:25-11:35 Computer and Data Management (J. Noumaru)
 -11:35-11:45 Current Status of SMOKA (H. Homma)
 -11:45-11:55 HSC Data Processing Environment (H. Furusawa)
11:55-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Science Session-1 (chair: T. Nagao)
 -13:30-13:45 H-alpha intensity map of the repeating fast radio burst FRB 121102 host galaxy from Subaru/Kyoto 3DII AO-assisted optical integral-field spectroscopy (M. Kokubo)
 -13:45-14:00 High-contrast Imaging Exploration for Exoplanet around YSOs with Subaru/HiCIAO+AO188 (T. Uyama)
 -14:00-14:15 AO-Assisted Optical IFU Study on Fast Outflow from Active Galactic Nuclei with High Gas Accretion Rates(T. Kawaguchi)
 -14:15-14:30 Seasonal variation of radial brightness contrast of Saturn's rings viewed in mid-infrared by Subaru/COMICS (H. Fujiwara)
14:30-16:05 Maunakea International Observatories
 -14:30-14:50 Keck Observatory: Status and Plans (H. Lewis)
 -14:50-15:10 Gemini Observatory Update (L. Ferrarese)
 -15:10-15:30 CFHT/MSE Status and Update (D. Devost)
 -15:30-15:50 UH/IfA Report (G. Hasinger)
 -15:50-16:05 TMT (T. Usuda)
16:05-16:25 Break
16:25-18:00 HSC and Future Instruments
 -16:25-16:40 Existing Instruments (T. Hattori)
 -16:40-16:50 HSC: Instrument status and SSP report (S. Miyazaki)
 -16:50-17:00 HSC: SSP data release, HSC Log, and Open-use Data Analysis(M. Tanaka)
 -17:00-17:15 Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) Project Status Report(N. Tamura)[remote]
 -17:15-17:30 IRD (T. Kotani)
 -17:30-17:45 ULTIMATE-START: Subaru Tomographic AO Research experimenT(M. Akiyama)
 -17:45-18:00 ULTIMATE-Subaru(Y. Minowa)

< Jan 18 (Thu) >
09:30-12:00 Science Session-2 (including intensive program reports and poster short talks) (chair: Y. Takagi)
 -09:30-09:45 LAMOST/Subaru study for 500 very metal-poor stars (W. Aoki)
 -09:45-10:00 Progress report of CHORUS (A. Inoue)
 -10:00-10:15 HSC Supernova Cosmology Legacy Survey with HST (N. Suzuki)
 -10:15-10:30 Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-Luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs): Progress Report (Y. Matsuoka)
 -10:30-10:45 HI Tomographic survey in the SSA22 field (SSA22-HIT) (K. Mawatari)
 -10:45-11:00 Subaru Infrared 2-4um Observations of Water Ice in Protoplanetary Disks (H. Terada)
 -11:00-11:15 Opt/NIR follow-up observations of GW events (Y. Utsumi)
 -11:15-11:30 Clustering of quasars over a wide luminosity range at z~4 with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam wide field imaging (W. He)
 -11:30-12:00 Poster Short Talks (21 posters)
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-18:00 International Partnership (in English) (chair: N. Yasuda)
 -13:30-13:40 From Observatory: Updates (M. Yoshida)
 -13:40-13:55 From Observatory: Discussion with EAO(N. Ohashi)
 -13:55-14:10 From Observatory: Discussion with Canada & Australia (I. Iwata)
 -14:10-14:20 From Canada: Canadian Instrumentation Projects (L. Simard)
 -14:20-14:35 Report of Subaru International Partnership WS (I)(Y. Koyama)
 -14:35-14:45Workshop: Future Exploration of Star and Planet Formation with Subaru (M. Takami)[remote]
 -14:45-14:55 Report of Subaru planetary nebula workshop (M. Otsuka)[remote]
14:55-15:20 Break
 -15:20-15:30 From Taiwan 1: ASIAA/Taiwan Subaru collaboration: overview and future (S. -Y. Wang)
 -15:30-15:40 From Taiwan 2: Experience with the Subaru Telescope and Possible Future Involvements (W. -P. Chen)
 -15:40-15:50 From South Korea 1: K-GMT Perspective on Collaboration with Subaru Telescope (N. Hwang)
 -15:50-16:00 From South Korea 2: Past and Future Collaboration Activities with Subaru: A Korean View (M. Im)
 -16:00-16:10 From China 1: Subaru Access Interests from China (S. Xue)
 -16:10-16:20 From China 2: Probing Ionized Gas on Galactic Scale with Subaru (J. Wang)
 -16:20-16:30 From Canada : Answers to questions about Canadian astronomy asked by Iwata-San (D. Crabtree)
16:30-16:50 Break
 -16:50-18:00 Discussion (N. Ohashi, I. Iwata)
19:00-21:00 Banquet

< Jan 19 (Fri) >
09:00-10:00 International Partnership (continued, in Japanese) (N. Ohashi, I. Iwata)
 -09:00-09:10 Remarks from NAOJ director general (in Japanese) (M. Hayashi)
 -09:10-10:00 Discussion (in Japanese)
10:00-11:30 Science Session-3 (chair: Y. Niino)
 -10:00-10:15 Discovery of RCB-type stars from dense-cadence HSC observation of M31 and its implication (M. Takada)
 -10:15-10:30 Optical high-resolution spectroscopy of young alpha-rich stars (T. Matsuno)
 -10:30-10:45 Detection of TiO and Stratosphere in the Dayside of WASP-33b (S. Nugroho)
 -10:45-11:00 Morphological evidence for a past minor merger in NGC1068 by Subaru (I. Tanaka)
 -11:00-11:15 Statistical study of the galaxy-MgII absorber relation with the Subaru HSC-wide survey (T. Nozawa)
 -11:15-11:30 A Systematic Search of Protoclusters at z~4 Based on the >100deg^2 Area(J. Toshikawa)
11:30-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:30 Discussion (chair: N. Kashikawa)
 -13:00-14:00 Subaru-WFIRST synergetic program (T. Sumi [ 1 , 2 ], M. Takada, Y. Moriya, M. Tanaka,
M. Tamura, Y. Koyama)
 -14:00-15:00 PFS Operation (M. Onodera, K. Yabe)
 -15:00-15:25 Overall Discussion (including the future science operation of Subaru)
 -15:25-15:30 Closing Remark (M. Yoshida)

< poster list >
01. A systematic search for ULIRGs/HyLIRGs at intermediate redshifts with optically-faint AKARI FIS Bright sources (X. Chen)
02. Subaru AO188 upgrade phase 1: Integration of the New Real Time System (C. Clergeon)
03. MOIRCS/SITELLE Study of Extragalactic SNRs (D. Devost)
04. Current Status of Novel Gratings for Next Generation Astronomical Instruments V (N. Ebizuka)
05. Subaru activities at the CADC (S. Gwyn)
06. Current Status of SMOKA (H. Homma)
07. Current progress of the HSC-SSP data release (H. Ikeda)
08. Subaru Telescope Publication Survey (I. Iwata)
09. MIMIZUKU: Mid-infrared monitoring imager and spectrograph (T. Kamizuka)
10. HSC Optical Variability Research for AGN (Y. Kimura)
11. Imaging Low Surface Brightness Universe (J. Koda)
12. Proto-type Server of Science Database for HSC + PFS (M. Koike)
13. SWIMS: Near-Infrared two-color imager and multi-object spectrograph (M. Konishi)
14. Introduction of New Open-use Data Analysis System of Astronomy Data Center - Its Replacement and the Updates (S. Makiuti)
15. MOIRCS and AO188+IRCS sensitivity comparison (E. Mieda)
16. Improved background subtraction for Hyper-Suprime Cam (S. Mineo)
17. Constraints on the mass-richness relation from the abundance and weak lensing of SDSS and Subaru HSC clusters (R. Murata)
18. Radial Velocity Measurement of an Orbiting Star Around SMBH in Our Galaxy (S. Nishiyama)
19. Status report on the HSC queue-mode observation (M. Onodera)
20. nuMOIRCS updates: Development of an IFU and a new grisms for MOIRCS (J. Rousselle)
21. Search for radio galaxies by Subaru HSC-SSP and FIRST catalogs (T. Yamashita)