Subaru telescope continue to be producing remarkable scientific outcomes and contributing to our deeper understanding of the Universe in various research fields. In order to keep its great momentum and productivity towards the future, and for Subaru Telescope to remain as a cutting-edge astronomical facility in the world, we will host an annual Subaru User's Meeting FY2017 and have close and intensive discussions with our community on recent scientific results, current status of operations and future plans of the Subaru Telescope.

Because of Subaru's uniqueness and complimentarity to other world facilities, the importance of coordinated international collaborations with large projects with other ground-based/space facilities and overseas institutes is continuously increasing. Moreover, in order to ease our budgetary tension to cooperate Subaru and TMT, we are seriously promoting international partnership. The observatory has in fact been discussing with potential partners, and we are in a critical situation where we have to decide on the directions and the actual schemes.

Under these circumstances, we encourage the Subaru community to participate in this Users' meeting, present their recent scientific results, and have intensive discussions on the Subaru future strategy. The whole meeting will be conducted in English.


Subaru Advisory Committee,
Subaru Telescope - NAOJ


Tadayuki Kodama (Tohoku Univ.; Chair)
Naoki Yasuda (Kavli-IPMU)
Tohru Nagao (Ehime Univ.),
Nobunari Kashikawa (NAOJ)
Yuu Niino (NAOJ)
Yuhei Takagi (Subaru)
Subaru Secretaries


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Access to NAOJ Mitaka Campus

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The session will be held in the Large seminar room, Subaru building 1F (Building Number: W1).

Travel Expense Support

It is expected that we can provide travel expense support to participants who is affiliated with domestic organizations.
You can request the financial support via the registration form.

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NAOJ now requires all the visitors to make a registration at the front gate upon your arrival (every day). You will be requested to show your ID. A card key will then be provided, which you will need whenever you enter any buildings in the campus. When you leave the campus, please make sure to return it at the gate (every day). To avoid a long queue at the gate, try to come to the campus earlier, or fill/print the following form in advance and bring it with you. "Name of Department/Person in Charge" is "Subaru/Nobunari Kashikawa”.

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Several rooms in the Cosmos-Kaikan are reserved for this meeting. You can request for your stay in the Cosmos-Kaikan via the registration form. Please note that we may not be able to meet all the requests due to the limited availability of the rooms.


The banquet will be held on Jan 18 at the COSMOS-kaikan cafeteria in the Mitaka campus. The banquet fee will be approximately 4,000Yen/person.