Remarkable scientific results produced by Subaru Telescope in these years has made a great contribution in various astronomical fields. In order to enhance the productivity of fascinating findings, we are now in a crucial phase to consider the future operation including partnership with foreign countries and overseas institutes, and collaboration with the ground/space-based facilities. We should discuss how to harmonize these projects with ongoing/planned Subaru Strategic Programs (SSP) without missing the opportunity to conduct diverse astronomical science.

Under these circumstances, we encourage the Subaru community to join this Users' meeting, to present their recent scientific results based on Subaru, and also to participate in the intensive discussions on the Subaru strategy of the decade.

Yumiko Oasa (Saitama University; chair)
Mamoru Doi (The University of Tokyo)
Nobunari Kashikawa (NAOJ)
Yuu Niino (NAOJ)
Masato Onodera (Subaru Telescope)
Yuhei Takagi (NAOJ)
Masaomi Tanaka (NAOJ)

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