Location of the SXDS

The SXDS Field is centered at J0218-05. This location was chosen for a number of reasons:

  • Accessibility from facilities in both the northern and southern hemispheres
    The SXDS field will be observable from all ground-based telescopes at existing sites, notably the VLA, JCMT, UKIRT, VLT, and ALMA. This is essential if we are to obtain the multi-wavelength coverage we desire.
  • Low Galactic extinction and cirrus
    The SXDS field has:
    • N(H I) < 2.23 × 1020 cm-2
    • E(B-V) < 0.04 mag
    • S(100um) < 1.5 MJy/sr
    • No radio sources brighter than S(1.4GHz) = 100 mJy
  • Low ecliptic latitude, enabling proper motion searches for Solar System objects

Here is an image of the SXDS field (78' on a side), taken from the Digitized Sky Survey.

[DSS image of the SXDS field]

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