Aims of the SXDS

The Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey is an ambitious project to obtain extensive multi-wavelength data across a 1 square degree region of sky. The survey is founded on a combination of deep, wide-area imaging in the X-ray with XMM-Newton and in the optical with Subaru/Suprime-Cam. Longer wavelength data (infrared, submillimetre, radio) are being pursued through various facilities.

The SXDS is intended to allow significant progress in understanding:

  • The structure and the contents of the early Universe.
  • The spatial density and luminosity evolution of QSOs and galaxies.
  • The nature of the extragalactic X-ray population.
Specifically, the following issues will be addressed:
  • How rapidly does structure formation evolve with redshift? We will place constraints on the cluster abundance at z > 1 with the high-z cluster search.
  • Whether a large enough number of dust obscured quasars exist to affect the evolution of the (optically-selected) quasar number density. We will do this by comparing the optical/infrared-selected quasars with the quasars discovered from the X-ray identifications.
  • Are the majority of optically faint (I > 24) X-ray sources obscured AGN at z > 1 The large collecting area of XMM-Newton and our multi-wavelength data will allow us to determine the nature of these objects.

The SXDS will satisfy the criteria which have made previous intensive surveys successful, namely:

  • Requirements tailored to the capabilities of the telescope facility.
  • A rapid release of data products to the astronomical community to ensure maximum exposure and scientific gain.
  • Long-term relevance of the data.

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