Multiwavelength Observations of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey Field

Kyoto, Japan, Jun 3-5, 2004

Scientific Organizing Committee:Mike Watson (Leicester : XMM/SSC), Masanori Iye (NAOJ : SXDS), Kaz Sekiguchi (Subaru : SXDS), Steve Warren (ICL : UKIDSS), Omar Almaini (Nottingham : UKIDSS/UDS), Jim Dunlop (Edinburgh : SHADES), Steve Rawlings (Oxford : Radio), Chris Simpson (Durham : SXDS)

Local Organizing Committee: Toru Yamada (NAOJ), Masayuki Akiyama (Subaru Telescope)

Second announcement

Dear Registered Participants,
Thank you very much for your enthusiastic response to our workshop.
We now have more than 50 people registered, which is a bit too many for the room we reserved for.
However, we will not limit the numbers of participants this time. We may need to squeeze you in the room.

We are planning to have a "Workshop Dinner" @"Ganko Takasegawa Nijyo-Enn" ( ) on Friday, June 4 at 19:00. This is a Japanese style dinner. The cost of the dinner is 7,000 yen /head (inclusive of all drinks).
We will advice you the deadline to sign up for the dinner later.

For those of you coming from overseas, we are happy to arrange your accommodation in Kyoto. Please contact Ms. Debbie Guthier ) and give her your itinerary and request for your
accommodation in Kyoto.

For those of you requested domestic travel support, we will notify you separately.

We are looking forward to meet you at the workshop in Kyoto soon.


-Kaz Sekiguchi

Preliminary Program

June 3 (Thursday)

09:30 Tea & Coffee

10:00 Welcome

Session I: Results and status of the on-going observation programs.

10:10 TBD X-ray (XMM/Newton) [M. Watson and Y. Ueda]
10:40 Optical Imaging (Subaru/Suprime-Cam) [H. Furusawa]
11:10 Optical Spectroscopy (Subaru/FOCAS-MOS) [M. Akiyama]
11:40 Near Infrared Imaging of SXDS field [T. Takata]

12:10 Lunch

13:40 TBD Sub-mm imaging (JCMT/SCUBA (SHADES)) [S. Scott]
14:10 A radio view of the SXDS [S. Rawlings]
14:20 Initial follow-up of radio sources in the SXDS [C. Simpson & S. Rawlings]

14:50 Tea & Coffee

Session II: Review & results of on going survey projects

15:30 GOODS [Lexi Moustakas]
16:00 CDFN or X-ray detection of Scuba galaxies [David Alexander]
16:30 COSMOS [Y. Taniguchi]
17:00 SWIRE: the Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Extragalactic Survey [D. Farrah]

17:30 End of the 1st day

June 4 (Friday)

9:00 Tea & Coffee

Session III: Results and status of current research topics

9:30 Galaxy Evolution in SXDS from z=4 to z= 1 [T. Yamada]
10:00 Emergence of Type-2 QSOs ? [M. Akiyama]
10:30 Survey for Large-Scale Structures at z=3-6 in the SXDS Field [M. Ouchi]
11:00 TBD (Clusters) [T. Kodama]
11:30 Discussion

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Multi-color photomeric catalogs based on Suprime-Cam imaging data
[H. Furusawa]
14:00 Photometric view of the cosmic distribution of submm galaxies [I. Aretxaga]
14:30 SED Diagnostics of Submm Bright Galaxies: Origin of Spheroids [H. Hanami]

15:00 Tea & Coffee

15:30 Deep Search for Supernovae and Cosmic Star Formation History [T. Oda]
16:00 Systematic Survey of Extended Lyman alpha Sources at z~3-5 [T. Saito]
16:30 Discussion

17:00 End of the 2nd day

19:00 Workshop Dinner (Japanese style dinner)

June 5 (Saturday)

Session IV: New and planned observation programs

9:00 Tea & Coffee

9:30 GALEX [B. Madore]
10:00 Subaru/FMOS [K. Ohta]
10:30 UKIDSS/UDS [O. Almaini]
11:00 Balloon-borne (BLAST) and ground-based (LMT) observations of the
SXDF [D. Hughes]
11:40 Large-Area Infrared Extragalactic survey with ASTRO-F [H. Matsuhara]

12:10 Lunch

13:40 GMRT [S. Rawlings]

Session V: Data issues (data archive, data access)

14:00 SXDS database and Japanese Virtual Observatory [Y. Shirasaki]
14:30 Discussion

15:00 Tea & Coffee

15:30 Summary & Discussion

16:00 End of the 3rd day

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