Minutes of the 30th Subaru Committee Meeting


Date: Nov.16, 1999

Place : NAOJ, Mitaka


   Committee members: M.Iye(Chair), K.Ohta, S.Okamura, Y.Kobayashi, S.Sato,

      M.Tamura, M.Hayashi, T.Yamada, (T.Maihra and Gouda were absent)

   Ex-Officio: N.Kaifu, H.Karoji, H.Ando, K.Kodaira


1.  Minutes of 29th Meeting

2.  Revision of rules of the committte

3.  Status reports

   General status report of the observatory (Kaifu)

4. Report of the Users Meeting (Yamada)

5.  FMOS project status

6. Report from the Subaru R&D Subcommittee

7.  Agreements with Instrument Groups

8.  Common use instrument review meeting

9. General policy for open use

10 Telescope time allocation

11  Program subcommittee

12.  Policy for open access to observed data