Target visibility

This form will produce a postscript plot showing the elevations of your astronomical targets on a particular date. A second page of rise/set times and transit times and elevations is also produced.

Note that no account is made of Daylight Savings Time (yet), so please remember to add 1 hour to the abcissa if appropriate.

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Site: Civil date:
Enter targets as RA dec name, separated by spaces. You may use colons to separate hours/degrees, minutes, and seconds (e.g., 12:35:20.2) or have no delimeter at all (e.g., 123520.2). If you do not enter a target's name, one will be assigned based on the equatorial coordinates.

Example: 122906.7 020309 3C 273

Epoch: Elevation limit (for rise/set times): Plot moon as dashed line

Chris Simpson, 5 February 2002

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