Subaru Flexibly Addressable Integral Field Spectrograph (SuFAIFS)

田村直之 (国立天文台) Naoyuki Tamura (NAOJ)

In this presentation, I will briefly introduce a new concept
of integral field spectroscopy that is different from deployable
integral field unit (e.g. KMOS/VLT) and complete spectroscopy of a
small field of view (e.g. MUSE/VLT), but is yet another type having
extra versatility in the selection of spatial elements on a focal
plane. This will be possible by employing a novel technique of optical
switch to allow an arbitrary down-selection of fibers. Given the
finite multiplexity accepted by fiber-fed spectrograph(s), it will
allow users to select spatial elements optimally adapted with
two-dementional light distribution of science targets on the sky, and
make them routed for spectroscopy. Especially to observe high-redshift
galaxies, it would be ideal to cover NIR wavelengths with assited by
Adaptive Optics (AO), more specifically either by MOAO at the Nasmyth
focus or GLAO at the Cassegrain focus, to either of which the focal
plane unit must be fit. Finally, I will briefly mention an other
application of the switching technology to "distribute" or "point" the
fibers from a focal plane to spectrographs with different spectral
coverages and/or resolutions.