Subaru-Keck collaboration Japan-side workshop

2017/01/13 JST
Large seminar room, Subaru blg., NAOJ Mitaka campus


10:00-10:15有本 信雄趣旨説明
10:15-10:45大内 正己 (宇宙線研) すばるHSCとPFS広域遠方銀河探査とケック深分光観測のシナジー [PDF]
10:45-11:15澁谷 隆俊 (宇宙線研) First Demographics of Very Bright Lya Emitters at z ∼6-7
Uncovered by the Large Area Subaru HSC Narrowband Imaging
and Deep Spectroscopy
11:15-11:45岩田 生 (国立天文台ハワイ観測所) Lyman Continuum Galaxies [PDF]
13:00-13:30嶋川 里澄 (国立天文台) Panoramic mapping of the most massive HI structures
and connecting the ISM, CGM, and IGM at the cosmic noon
13:30-14:00小野寺 仁人 (国立天文台ハワイ観測所) すばる-Keck連携で探る遠方楕円銀河 [PDF]
14:00-14:30石垣 美歩 (Kavli IPMU) Extra-tidal structures of globular clusters in the Milky Way's outer halo [PDF]
14:45-15:15田中 雅臣(国立天文台) Exploring the Transient Sky with Subaru and Keck [PDF]
15:15-15:45成田 憲保(東大本郷) Possible Subaru-Keck Collaboration for TESS Follow-up [PDF]