Subaru Telescope New Development Group

Subaru Telescope Future Instrumentation

Division Chief Meeting: PFS schedule and FMOS decommission plan

Iwata explained the current funding status of PFS, the 
responsibility of the PFS project office (PFSPO; led by 
Kavli IPMU, Univ. of Tokyo) and NAOJ, and the expected PFS 
commissioning plans. He stated that Subaru Telescope 
requests the PFSPO to consider the possibility of 
installing PFS spectrographs on the TUE-IR floor after 
removing FMOS spectrographs.
Subaru Telescope prefers this plan with following reasons:
- to mitigate work overload during the construction and 
  commissioning phases of PFS and beyond. Subaru Telescope 
  is going to put more emphasis on survey-type 
  observations, and in order to achieve that, we cannot 
  keep all the instruments currently available with limited 
- Instead of adding new floor on M3-IR, cost reduction 
  about 1M USD or more.
- Making a new floor on M3-IR would have significant 
  interference with operations of NsIR.

Currently PFSPO is trying to find other funding sources 
and additional partners. Their target date for the 
engineering first light is FY2017.
In order to make TUE-IR floor available in accordance with 
their plan, FMOS spectrographs should be removed in late 
2015. So there is a possibility of FMOS decommission after 
S15A. Note that the schedule depends on the status of the 
PFS project, and Subaru Telescope will not start the floor 
modification process unless PFSPO has more soild plan to 
complete the PFS instrument.

Q: when is the critical time to determine the schedule?
A: During 2014 there should be updates on the funding 
status for PFS, and we should decide whether FMOS needs to 
be decommissioned by the end of S15A before the call for 
proposals (August 2014).