Subaru Telescope New Development Group

Subaru Telescope Future Instrumentation
すばる望遠鏡 将来装置計画

Internal Meeting, Nov. 15, 2013

Date / Time: Nov. 15, 2013 13:00 - 15:00 (HST)
Place: Hilo office room 104A+B

Agenda / Presentation Files


Memo by Takashi Hattori-san

20131115 future instrumentation

	11/18  SAC
	11/26  project week
	1/20-22/2014  User's meeting
	end of Jan. 2014  decision on FMOS decommission
	early Feb. 2014  S14B CfP

		NAOJ's involvement to the development  under discussion
			required realistic budget plan
			waiting for the response from the PFS team
			they will ask us for an additional budget for the instrument  ‾$13M
				in addition to the telescope modification (floor, electricity, telescope, CAL, ... ‾$5M+$2M+staff)
			special promotion  $5M for 5 years
			new frontier  $3.6M for 5 years
			foundation S  $2M for 5 years (from 2020)
		international partnership is TBD
			‾$16M for GLAO
			‾$12M for new NIR instrument
human resource
	‾20FTE/year for both projects (2014-2020)
		‾15FTE/year without external budget
		‾15FTE/year (2015-2021)
			‾5FTE from external budget
		Hayano-san has several people in mind outside of Subaru
			and international collaboration
			once NAOJ HQ approved the project, we can create positions

	needs ‾$20M more money
		they will need at least ‾$13M from NAOJ
			plus international consortium
		modification fee (‾$5M) is already approved by NAOJ HQ
			so far, no request about the additional cost to NAOJ HQ
	if Subaru is involved in the development of PFS itself, we should be very careful how we finish the project
		Subaru is going to share the responsibility
		lessons from FMOS

proposal for FMOS early decommission
	reduce maintenance load
	keep operation of FMOS until S15A
		decision by the end of Jan. 2014
	discussions with SAC and in the User's meeting

	need to negotiate to UK FMOS community

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