Data Sets

We regularly acquire data sets in the lab and on-sky for R&R purposes. We are happy to share these data sets, or take new ones to solve/explore specific issues. Please contact us to learn more.

2018-09-05 pseudo-open-loop pyramid WFS coefficients

PyWFS pseudo-open-loop coefficients, recorded at 3 kHz and 2 kHz. Each time sample has 1111 values correspongind to 1111 wavefront modes.

See observing notes for more details and times.

Wavefront modes, represented on the 50x50 deformable mirror, unit is DM mechanical displacement in micron.

To download files, see the file list. All files are in the same directory ( You cannot scan the directory but you can download individual files by adding filename to the directory name, or write a wget script to pull a set of files.

Download bandwidth, File conventions

For optimal download speed, please use instead of

Files come in pair. FITS files are 3D cubes, with the 3rd axis representing time/sample. Timing files (.dat or .txt) provide the time for each sample. Column 4 is the absolute unix time in second (Jan 1, 1970 origin). Files are named per the UT time of the first sample.

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